Wanderlei Silva meets an old friend


Wanderlei Silva, who is in Japan, ran into a old friend. The two fought three times, with Wand taking all three.

Wanderlei Silva@wandfc
Just meet the legend sakuraba great fighter,very good friend

acabei de gravar uma materia aqui com a lenda Sakuraba,muito respeitador antes um oponente,agora se tornou um grande amigo,lembramos varias historias,fiquei feliz em ver que ele esta super bem,esta Rico e bem de saude, e continua mostrando seu talento aqui pros fans japoneses!!!

via Google translate:
just write an article here with the legend Sakuraba, very respectful before an opponent, now became a great friend, remember many stories, I was happy to see that he is very well, and is in good health and rich and continues to show his talent Japanese fans pros here!!


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1/22/13 7:05 PM by Christopher L

All that cauliflower is making me hungry.

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1/22/13 7:57 AM by Mattapooh

This picture made me giddy like a little boy and sentimental like an old man at the same time.

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1/22/13 4:15 AM by OverKiller

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1/22/13 3:46 AM by orcus

"What's funny is how these "fighters" today play the game and win by points because they are worried about losing. Thinking that if they don't lose they will be remembered as the greatest."   Maybe they are thinking if they don't lose they will make much more money and be able to support themselves and their families long after they have to retire in their 30s because their bodies don't hold up anymore.

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1/22/13 2:44 AM by absolutesperry

Most awesome MMA news story ever!

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1/22/13 2:44 AM by absolutesperry


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1/22/13 12:36 AM by lildragonof

I want that Saku shirt.

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1/22/13 12:15 AM by dummythrust