Dolce: Sonnen walks around at 240, will be stronger than Jones


Mike Dolce, who was in Brazil this weekend to support clients Vitor Belfort and Nik Lentz was interviewed by about the upcoming Chael Sonnen vs. Jon Jones light heavyweight championship fight.“

Everybody thinks that Jones is bigger than Sonnen, but that’s not true," said Dolce. "Sonnen walks at 240 lbs, almost the same as Jones. I’ve never seen Sonnen so strong and motivated in my life, he’s training harder and harder. Chael is an extremely organized and focused guy, he’s ready for the fight and he’s going to be stronger than Jones on the fight day. A lot of people will be surprised.”

“There is still three months before the fight, but Chael is already training the hardest. If Jones is thinking that the fight is going to be easy, he is wrong. I think that Chael will put him down and will show his power in the fight. I expect that."

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Bearded Collie Herds Orca site profile image  

1/23/13 8:40 PM by Bearded Collie Herds Orca

I was first! Stop swagger jackin my shit boys

jbapk site profile image  

1/23/13 6:43 PM by jbapk

"I haven't gained a single pound, I weigh the same as I did a middleweight."Not fake weights, but I will accuse you of something else...

Christ Crapped in My Fish and Chips site profile image  

1/23/13 6:24 PM by Christ Crapped in My Fish and Chips

Chael just said on opie and anthony he weighs 228

Sudo21 site profile image  

1/23/13 5:43 PM by Sudo21

Didn't Chael start his camp for Bisping fight at 232?

Bearded Collie Herds Orca site profile image  

1/23/13 5:21 PM by Bearded Collie Herds Orca

"O and A every day, that's what I say." - Club Soda Kenny

ufc98newb site profile image  

1/23/13 5:20 PM by ufc98newb

yup, also read an espn online chat yesterday where he said he hadn't gained any weight and was the same size as he was at mw.     Charlie (Mean Street) How has the adjustment to light heavy weight from middle weight affected your cardio/strength? Chael Sonnen   (2:17 PM) I haven't gained a single pound, I weigh the same as I did a middleweight.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

1/23/13 4:45 PM by ABE FROMAN

Our next UFC Champion:  

Mdson site profile image  

1/23/13 4:41 PM by Mdson

I guess it depends on how one view the word 'bigger'. Sonnen might be physically stronger and more muscular, but the height and reach advantage of Jones is still HUGE and in that sense he is still (and always will be) bigger.

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

1/23/13 4:38 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Wow.So, when Chael cuts to 135 to take on Cruz for the BW Title,you gonna help him with that cut too?It's not a strongman competition, it's a fight,and Sonnen's going to get murked.Not enough Nutella in the world to stop that. :)

MrMadness site profile image  

1/23/13 4:31 PM by MrMadness

Didnt have time to read every post but Chael was on Opie and Anthony radio show this morning and said he weighed 228 lbs and said it when he didnt realize the show was on air - thats straight from his mouth. So I dont know a better source than that. Maybe he's peaked at 240 at some point but thats a lot for his frame