Jones concerned Sonnen will take him down & dry hump him for 5 rounds


Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen appeared on an ESPN fan chat ahead of their coaching stint on this season's TUF, which will be followed by a fight on PPV at UFC 159 on April 27.

Q: Sonnen , why do u think you deserve a title shot against Jones ? You just came off a lost and already you have a title shot against one of the best ?

Chael Sonnen: I'm a republican, i don't use words like deserve or entitlement.

Q: And just like a republican, you seem to think you earned something that was handed to you on a silver platter. Unless you think running your mouth is enough to earn a title shot....

Chael Sonnen: False, I don't believe in any of those things you just said. Like a liberal, you have misquoted and misunderstood. Good job Ian! And Ian, don't you have Prius that needs to be washed?

Q: Chael if you loose this fight whats next for you?

Chael Sonnen: More multitmillion dollar paydays. Thanks for bringing that up.


Q: Jon - When are you going to walk out to "Angry Johnny" by Poe again? Best walk out music ever. BTW, worst walk out music ever.. "Too Much Fun"

Jon Jones: I don't think I am. I started listening to the words of the song and I don't think I like it anymore.

Q: I am a big fan of each of you...when I watch you two fight, why should I root for you Jon?

Jon Jones: Me because I'm cooler and better looking. BTW ...Chael agreed with me being the cooler one.

Q: Bones, what are you most concerned about when it comes to fighting Chael?

Jon Jones: I'm concerned that he will take me down and dry hump me for five rounds

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Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

1/23/13 9:50 AM by Zed Wayne Zed

Awesome.So Jon knows knows not to play with his food.He needs to treat Sonnen like Anderson treated Bonnar.In, (less teasing, as he isn't Matrix-Silva), bombard Chael,fight over in first or second round.Chael can hold most anyone down, I don't like, but he can.

hckycrzy27 site profile image  

1/23/13 9:24 AM by hckycrzy27

Chael's schtick or DFW promising #1 contender match ups... Can't figure out which one I am more sick of.

dta316 site profile image  

1/23/13 12:49 AM by dta316

At least it will be Chael humping the black guy and not your woman!

whoabro site profile image  

1/23/13 12:34 AM by whoabro

Moist humping imo

Huntsman site profile image  

1/23/13 12:23 AM by Huntsman

Chael P is both cooler and more handsome than jones, and he has far nicer legs...... In a completely non gay way of course!!!

The brotorious BIG site profile image  

1/23/13 12:06 AM by The brotorious BIG

This wasnt a real q&a was it. Hahah thats rich

JD85 site profile image  

1/23/13 12:04 AM by JD85

Jones definitely not as handsome as Chael. And how would you classify cooler, just because he's black? The pro-wrestling charisma that Chael brings gets way more attention than the whiny diva shit that Jones does.

pj_benn site profile image  

1/22/13 11:55 PM by pj_benn

Lol you trollin

Wasa-B site profile image  

1/22/13 11:41 PM by Wasa-B

If Chael takes Jones down once, I'll give him props.

knuckleballs site profile image  

1/22/13 11:37 PM by knuckleballs

I bet Jones takes Chael down, upon whatever else he wants to do to Chael.