Condit wants to use Rory's emotions against him


"He looked really good [at UFC on FOX 4]. His stand-up's come a long way. He's kind of developed a lot of new weapons and he looked great," he said. "I think more versatile. He has more tools in his tool belt."

That isn't the only change Condit's noticed. A mean streak has developed in MacDonald, to the point where he's publicly proclaiming on Twitter and in interviews his desire to do untold damage to and cause embarrassment in all of his opponents, Condit included.

"I've felt that vibe being around him the last couple of years. I think it's pretty legit. I think he's genuine," Condit said.

So is MacDonald crazy or just a colorful person?

"I think it's a fine line, right?," Condit wondered. "I don't know. He's a young guy and he's trying to figure out who he is. I think we all go through that. I don't really pay too much mind to that. My concern is the guy, the fighter that I am meeting in the cage."

Condit acknowledges, however, that whatever self-discovery process MacDonald is on, it's also a part of who he is when he competes. In Condit's mind, MacDonald isn't totally divorcing pre-fight antics with in-cage performances and that will be the key to his demise. "I gotta be better than I was in the last fight," Condit admitted. "He's coming into this fight with a lot of emotion, a lot of anger. I really feel like I'm going to be able to use that to my advantage."

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BJ bashed into McDs mincemeat site profile image  

1/23/13 2:58 PM by BJ bashed into McDs mincemeat

I hope condit smashes him so bad that mike ricci can't recognize his hair style

Ironhouse site profile image  

1/23/13 2:17 PM by Ironhouse

Tactical error, Rory has no emotions just desires.

ShakeR_ site profile image  

1/23/13 2:01 AM by ShakeR_

Rory is a machine as of late. My bets on McDonald.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

1/23/13 1:36 AM by ChaosOverkill

no he feels he embarassed himself with his performance and let a win slip away not that he got robbed

OzMafioso site profile image  

1/23/13 1:33 AM by OzMafioso

God I hope Condit wins... Rory is all butt-hurt about it like he got robbed or somethin.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

1/23/13 1:07 AM by ChaosOverkill

  I don't think COndit has improved as much as Rory, this goes the distance and I wish it was 5 rounds  

shootfighterbull site profile image  

1/23/13 12:58 AM by shootfighterbull

3 month SN bet with a blue that Rory wins. Any takers/suckers?

discodrew site profile image  

1/23/13 12:28 AM by discodrew

Condit is going to finish this fight again. But in the first

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

1/22/13 11:58 PM by yellow wrkahlc

Everyone's been talking about how Rory's been improving, and don't realize Condi't been doing the same. Expect a 3 rounds of Condit showing Rory a thing or two, taking home the decision.

Willin site profile image  

1/22/13 11:56 PM by Willin

Serial Killer vs Natural Born Killer.NBK takes it again.