Will Rampage be back in the UFC?


Quinton "Rampage" Jackson lost a unanimous decision to Glover Teixeira Saturday night in the co-main event of UFC on FOX 6. He was already on a two-fight losing streak, the first of his career. Now he has lost three in a row, usually the cut off for release. And his contract is up.

Jackson has said repeatedly that he wants to explore his options outside the UFC, referencing at various points professional boxing, acting, and fighting for another MMA promotion.

The obvious next in line promotion is Bellator, but Jackson entering a tournament would require fighting three times in three months, something he is unlikely to do. And Bellator is unlikely to pay "Rampage Jackson" money once a month for three months without the PPV avenue to recoup the investement.

As Jackson exited the United Center on Saturday night, he spied sometime friend UFC president Dana White, and shouted "You're going to miss me!"

White, grinning, replied, "I miss you already, buddy."

There is a history of UFC stars and Dana White engaging in public spats. Among the most notable are Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, and Rampage. The first two worked out their differences and returned to the Octagon, to if anything even greater acclaim. Will that happen with Rampage?

"I don't know (if we'd re-sign him)," said White after the post-fight press conference. "We'll see how this thing plays out and see what happens."

"I don't know what to say about Rampage. One minute, you're cool with him, and the next minute ... Through this whole thing, all the talk, all the stuff that's happened, I have remained exactly the same to him like nothing was going on, right up until he left tonight."

White said the fight went pretty much as he expected, but added that Rampage was given every opportunity to shine, and thus increase his value to the UFC, or any other promotion.

"If I was worried about any of that stuff, I wouldn't have put him on the biggest platform that we have, on FOX. We've treated him (well). He made his money like he always makes his money. He had the opportunity tonight to win and do whatever he wanted to do. It's not like I threw him on some prelim in the middle of Brazil somewhere. I put him on the biggest platform to shine.

"He was treated tonight the way he's always been treated. We didn't treat him the way he's been treating us."

White also weighed in on Rampage's UFC legacy, but again expressed some anbiguity,

"I don't know," said White. "Rampage is one of those guys that I honestly believe if Glover was fighting anybody else, he would have knocked them out in the first round. Rampage got hit with that shot. Not only can he punch hard, he can take a punch.

"Rampage's biggest problem is that he doesn't always train. He doesn't always stay in shape. If he took this sport 100 percent hardcore serious, God knows what that guy might be able to accomplish. But he doesn't."

Although Jackson did not attend the post-fight press conference, he released a statement, via the UFC.

"I kind of wish I fought smart and didn't get hit so much," said Jackson. "But I always said I would rather lose a good fight than win a boring-ass one and the fans are telling me that was an exciting fight. So I guess I'm sad, but not so sad. I fought like Rampage tonight. I tried to knock him out with every punch. It wasn't so smart, but if it was fun for the fans, I will take that and be OK with that."

White isn't sure if Rampage will be back. What do you think?


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Gunter Vogler site profile image  

1/28/13 9:24 PM by Gunter Vogler

Did he mean just Dana personally will miss him or the UFC (i.e. promotion and fans) will miss him?I won't miss him. I don't get excited for or any of his fights anymore unless he's being used as a stepping stone for someone else I'm interested in.His awful attitude started way back at the end of his run in Pride where he started complaining about how they were "treating" him. He came over to the UFC and most of his fights, win or lose, haven't been very entertaining.The guy has been a serial complainer since about the 2005 Pride MWGP and went from one of the most likable and charismatic fighters in the sport to one of the most loathsome imo.Won't miss him. Good luck with that boxing and your B-league mma career, Rampage....

Steve4192 site profile image  

1/28/13 4:44 PM by Steve4192

Rampage definitely trained in the UK for this fight (they made a point of it in the Countdown show).  His last couple of fights prior to this one, he trained in California.  Before that, he trained in Canada for a fight.  He has also trained at Tito's place in Big Bear.  Rampage has never been able to stick with any training environment for too long.  I've lost track of all the different locations and trainers he has worked with over his career.  He seems to switch trainers every couple of years just for the hell of it.

Dmoney35 site profile image  

1/28/13 3:46 PM by Dmoney35

should move to heavy and stay in the UFC

chaplinshouse site profile image  

1/28/13 3:42 PM by chaplinshouse

Bisping lives in Anaheim Hills and trains with HB Ultimate.  Now that makes sense for him. Kongo still with Wolfslair which also makes sense cuz it beats France and is closer than USA with his pockets not being as deep as mike's.  wiki says Rampage fighting out of Irvine and lists many affiliations but doesn't say if he flies to UK still.  That last one sounds funny.  Rampage Fitness Academy, lol.  "ok guys, eat some cheeseburgers then hit the bag! Don't be a faggot stand like a man!" Fighting out of Irvine, California, U.S. Team Team Oyama Team Punishment Wolfslair MMA Academy Rampage Fitness Academy Team  

StringerBell site profile image  

1/28/13 3:20 PM by StringerBell

I've always wondered the same. Also, is Bisping & Kongo still with Wolfslair?

chaplinshouse site profile image  

1/28/13 11:24 AM by chaplinshouse

so does he actually fly to wolfslair to train?  if so that's fucking nuts.  he lives in cali.  that'd be like an eskimo traveling to africa to get ice. 

ATAP site profile image  

1/28/13 10:04 AM by ATAP

I actually thought he looked the best he has in a while in this fight.. hope he quits his complaining and chooses whats best for himself (probably another UFC contract with provisions in there for long layoffs for acting).

Y2JB site profile image  

1/28/13 7:39 AM by Y2JB

The thing is, Rampage hasn't been in many (any?) good fights since leaving Pride. Glover didn't look much better than Rampage on Saturday either. I don't understand the hype around the guy, Jones would wreck & embarrass him.

grafzep site profile image  

1/27/13 5:50 PM by grafzep

He will fight in Japani hope Dana doesn't bring him back. He is too arrogant and one dimensional to do anything significant and a bitter rampage is not fun to listen to so thats gone as well.

MdGeist site profile image  

1/27/13 4:51 PM by MdGeist

Rampage should stick around in the UFC, alot of really cool fights to be made. The past-prime, former champion division is actually pretty stacked these days. Shogun rematch, Henderson rematch, Griffin rematch, Franklin at LHW, Vitor at LHW, maybe even Rampage-Wanderlei 4 at LHW