Does Clay Guida's mustache crack the MMA top 10?


At the UFC on FOX 6 fight week proceedings, Clay Guida, making his debut at featherweight, sported a full beard, right up to the weigh ins.

“In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action," revealed Michaelangelo (not the Ninja Turtle, the Italian one). "I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it."

So too with Guida, who had a great mustache within him, and needed only a barber to discover it.

Image by Tracy Lee.

Where does Guida's mo land in the MMA mustache pantheon?

10. BJ Penn

9. Sexyama

8. Tito Ortiz

7. Cody McKenzie

6. Tom Lawlor (as Dan Severn)

5. Dan Severn

4. Chuck Liddell

3. Ian McCall

2. Mike Beltran

1. Don Frye

Does Guida crack the top 10? And if so, where?


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PermitMeFisticuffsBrother site profile image  

2/1/13 7:12 AM by PermitMeFisticuffsBrother

still not seeing any love for fred ettish sadface.

Ocean6 site profile image  

1/30/13 4:34 PM by Ocean6

Cody McKenzie should be #1.

MahoneySucks site profile image  

1/30/13 4:19 PM by MahoneySucks

No Mazzaggatti? For shame.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

1/30/13 2:57 PM by lookoutawhale

hmm a moustache punch.. didnt think id see the day..

CoreNobody site profile image  

1/28/13 9:33 AM by CoreNobody

Where's the Guida pic?I only see the Rick Rude one......

PermitMeFisticuffsBrother site profile image  

1/28/13 9:18 AM by PermitMeFisticuffsBrother

what about fred ettish???? NO LOVE FOR THE ETTISH

cheesesteak site profile image  

1/28/13 9:08 AM by cheesesteak

mustaches only count when they are for real, not when they are an ironic joke. So no, Clay's mustache doesn't crack anything. Unless 5 years from now he is still sporting that same stache.

PermitMeFisticuffsBrother site profile image  

1/28/13 7:31 AM by PermitMeFisticuffsBrother

beltrans stache was awarded to him by chuck norris

BROTHER WISDOM site profile image  

1/28/13 7:19 AM by BROTHER WISDOM

Beltrans stache is its own entity. It gave birth to himFrye is easily the greatest stache in mma history and rivals legendary stachemen like Tom Sellick, Clark Gable, Burt Reynolds, Hulkster and Ron Swanson. Guida probably has the 2nd best. That piece mean