Couture signs Spike TV deal to join Bellator reality series

by Loretta Hunt | source: has confirmed through multiple sources that UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture has signed into a multi-year deal with Spike TV, a property of Viacom, to appear in multiple projects for the cable channel, as well as other possible ventures within the media conglomerate's family of networks.

As a part of the multi-faceted agreement, Couture's first role will be as a coach in the forthcoming Bellator MMA reality Series, which begins shooting in February and airs later this year.

Spike TV will unveil this industry-shifting announcement on Feb. 5 during a press conference in Los Angeles, where Couture and Spike TV president Kevin Kay will discuss details of the agreement and what the 49-year-old retired fighter's role will be on the Bellator series and possibly other Spike-broadcasted projects. The series is expected to feature a number of current and up-and-coming Bellator fighters.

Sources told that the deal with Spike and Viacom was executed in late December, much to the disapproval of Couture's former employer, UFC president Dana White. Since his retirement in April 2011 at age 47, Couture has turned his attention to Hollywood with supporting roles in The Expendables and its summer 2012 sequel, and had most recently served as an on-camera analyst for the UFC's live events on Fox. However, Couture was absent from the UFC on Fox 6 broadcast on Jan. 26, replaced by one-time teammate Chael Sonnen.

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D241 site profile image  

1/30/13 2:47 PM by D241

Randy either thinks Bellator has some staying power, at least for the next couple years. That, or Randy just thinks if Bellator fails, there will always be a #2 behind big #1 that can hire Randy for services.

Barbalos site profile image  

1/30/13 12:47 PM by Barbalos

So he's supposed to be an indentured servant to the UFC for the rest of his life? The same UFC that will cut fighters on a whim? Company loyalty is a thing of the past, the average worker works ~5 jobs within their career, why should MMA be different?

officedrone23 site profile image  

1/30/13 11:56 AM by officedrone23

I don't understand what the problem is. He's getting paid. Good for him. The only thing exposed by this is the difference between liking MMA and being a UFC mark. Yes, Dana is very loyal to his guys, so it seems off for a Randy to walk. Maybe Randy and Dana just don't get along, maybe Randy feels like he isn't being leveraged properly, who knows. Maybe they aren't going to prom together and someone will get stuck paying the out of date limo bill all by themselves.

grafzep site profile image  

1/30/13 11:48 AM by grafzep

At this stage comments about his lack of loyalty really shouldn't even be a matter of discussion.Randy has proven time and again in his personal life, in his business dealings, that the only perceived sense of loyalty his possesses is to himself.As long as you know that when dealing with him, I guess thats fine. The Captain America description should really go away though.

Card site profile image  

1/30/13 11:28 AM by Card

Couture is a legend, this a big move for Bellator.

bigdee1983420 site profile image  

1/29/13 11:53 PM by bigdee1983420

I dont see why this has to be perceived as a badthing,this will put Bellator on the map. Anything that is the better of the sport of MMA is a positive in my eyes. Competition is always gonna bring the best out of MMA. Kinda like UFC vs Pride or WWE vs WCW,look how bad Pro Wrestling has fell off since Vince buying WCW/ECW. Whether people wanna realize it the MMA business is alot like Pro Wrestling than you think. People should love MMA as 1 not this Fuck UFC I love Bellator or viceverse. Yes I think its always a plus to have the best guys/gals in 1 org so they can fight to see who's #1. But,There also needs to be other orgs growing talent,and competition. Competition breeds success in my humble opinion.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

1/29/13 11:48 PM by PrettyBoy

I disagree. Your analogy is off Cindy because Randy isn't fighting for Bellator. His contract under Zuffa is for fighting.It appears he is signing on to be a coach and maybe do some TV/Commentating spots. Basically he is going to be on a few tv shows as a former fighter for money.That would be like Rogan doing a few TV shows for Bellator after he resigned from the UFC. I'm not saying Rogan would ever do so but I don't see anything wrong with it.It's buisness. You said it yourself, if Zuffa wanted anything to do with him they would have offered him a job like Matt and Chuck. He isn't being unloyal he is building his own brand and looking out for his own finacial interest. Just like the UFC has always done for themselves.

ssj site profile image  

1/29/13 11:01 PM by ssj

I for one am happy Randy gets to do whatever he wantszuffa nut huggers, stop being so butthurt, MMA needs divergent growth to be massive.

ssj site profile image  

1/29/13 11:00 PM by ssj

Wow, a person in a certain industry moving to another company in same industry!call the fucking gods of betrayal, brosefio.

PAPA ROACH1 site profile image  

1/29/13 10:20 PM by PAPA ROACH1

and on the flipside i hope bellator is succesful because randy is obv fucked with zuffa in the future. hope hes succesful at bellator and movies good for randy. more fighters should take his lead . this is whats great about having competition. and its exactly why zuffa swallows everyone up , no leverage for fighters.