TUF 17, episode 2 fight recap

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Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti oversees the fight. Luke lands an early low kick directly to the cup. There's a brief timeout, but we fight on. Luke tries to keep distance and use his range, but Gilbert shoots inside and wraps the body. Luke initially defends before settling briefly on his back, but he gets back to his feet with little issue. Luke eventually works in a few short knees, but Gilbert isn't offering any space at all. With two minutes remaining, they finally break apart. Gilbert shoots quickly back in, but Luke defends and tries to move to his opponent's back. He can't quite get there, and the fight returns to the feet. Gilbert continues to push forward for a takedown, but the round ends on the feet.

Round 2 - Between rounds, Jon asks Gilbert to get busy with his hands. Still, it takes him just 12 seconds to get inside on a takedown. It backfires, and Luke briefly holds top position before Gilbert crawls back to his feet and continues to push in from the outside. Barnatt tries to roll into a slick kimura but loses the position and is underneath his opponent. However, Luke climbs right back to his feet before Gilbert can capitalize. Luke then wraps the body and scores an outside trip that earns him half-mount. Gilbert alertly climbs back to his feet in hopes of turning the tide. When they reset on the feet, Gilbert shoots in for a takedown but dive right into a flying knee that sees him drop to the floor. Knockout finish.

Luke Barnatt def. Gilbert Smith via TKO (flying knee) - Round 2

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epwar site profile image  

2/5/13 10:01 PM by epwar

BAM!  Nailed it. ;-)

JerodR site profile image  

1/31/13 6:11 PM by JerodR

Yeah, I don't care who a guy is fighting. As a team you have to put that guy in the right mindset. He has to believe he is going to win, or he has already lost. That was a pretty crappy way to handle it.

mmavixen site profile image  

1/31/13 6:09 PM by mmavixen

I was complaining about the two d-bags during the show.  I've never seen anything like that before.  The way they treated their teammate was disgusting.  I hope they both end up at the other end of vcious KO's.

Phil999 site profile image  

1/31/13 5:58 PM by Phil999

WTF is with those 2 guys from Jones team. Extremely negative. Why would they say that if Gilbert loses it would mess up their career?Definitely not team players. Guys like that destroy a team.

Bofbro site profile image  

1/31/13 5:41 PM by Bofbro

Tor vs Barnatt final.

BobbyFromSTL site profile image  

1/31/13 5:19 PM by BobbyFromSTL

I am friends with Jesse Finney on fb. Jesse is the owner of several MMA gyms in the STL area and owns the one that Adam Cella trains at. Jesse invited me and every one else he is fb friends with to "Adam Cella's UFC The Ultimate Fighter 17 Viewing Party" "Enjoy a night with TUF 17 cast member Adam Cella at the Stadium Sports Bar located inside the Lumiere Place Casino.Come out and support Adam as he faces Uriah Hall. UFC President Dana White calls this fight on Episode 3 one of the best KO's in UFC history!" Jesse did not send one of these out for episode one or two. I don't know this Adam Cella kid, but if it were me I don't know if I would invite a bunch of people to a casino to watch me get knocked out. Unless this the fight is a war and he gets knocked out at the end of a back and forth brawl, but still. This doesn't prove anything either way, I just thought I would add to the evidence bag.

frederic site profile image  

1/31/13 3:15 PM by frederic

LOL @ Mr Douche Tastic and Bubba AKA Mr Emotional start getting on Gilbert's back about his conditioning and just getting worried that I am gonna "beat the shit outta him", and Team Jones go into self destruct mode!

A.W.Ashford site profile image  

1/31/13 12:46 PM by A.W.Ashford


Fight! UK Online site profile image  

1/31/13 12:33 PM by Fight! UK Online

Here's how Luke remembers the fight in his week 2 blog: http://www.yourmma.tv/news/details.asp/id/2586/luke-barnatt-tuf-17-blog-week-2.htm "Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, GET THE FUCK OFF ME YOU BIG MUSCLEY BASTARD, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, BOOM “Flying Knee” KO. That's pretty much it! I flew as far as Bob Sapp competing in the long jump but the knee was still pretty sweet, and it’s my first ever KO so I was pretty damn proud of myself. Plus DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THAT BASTARD? I really proved muscles don’t win fights."