Overeem to Silva at press conference: I'll f@$%!#& destroy you

by Franklin McNeil | source: espn.com

The former Strikeforce heavyweight champion is so confident that he will not upset UFC’s plans that he is already talking about fights with Velasquez and former UFC titleholder Junior dos Santos.

“Those are the two fights [Velasquez and dos Santos] I want most,” Overeem recently told ESPN.com. “I have unfinished business with dos Santos.”

What about Silva? Overeem seems to be quite dismissive of him. He’s even expressed confidence in beating Silva standing or on the ground.

During a prefight photo staredown Thursday at Mandalay Bay, Overeem made a threatening gesture toward Silva and delivered a stern warning. “I’m going to destroy you,” Overeem said to Silva, according to White.

Silva was unfazed and told Overeem, "You better start respecting me."

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White Belt Warrior site profile image  

2/3/13 5:19 AM by White Belt Warrior

Damn I love upsets!

Res ispa loquitur site profile image  

2/3/13 5:09 AM by Res ispa loquitur

For scream13

Res ispa loquitur site profile image  

2/3/13 5:09 AM by Res ispa loquitur

Should say "one big talking target" IMO.

stonepony site profile image  

2/3/13 5:03 AM by stonepony

"Overeem is going to throw around Big Foot, and make him stand and attempt to strike with him,"Must not have seen Overeem in MMA before... And, the random Lesnar comment? Shane Carwin would smash Alistair. Frank Mir will beat him too. Travis Browne. Cain. Larvar Johnson. Roy Nelson. DC. Patt Barry maybe? That might be the one significant HW that Overeem could potentially grind down and submit. If he tried to strike with PB, he would get knocked out. He could talk and talk and talk about how he's going to destroy him. And then he'd be fighting for take-downs 5 seconds in to the fight.If they don't gift it to him, he's not going to get a fight with Cain or JDS.

Scream13 site profile image  

2/3/13 4:46 AM by Scream13

http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/6706/overeemo.jpgblue. ty kindly

PhallicObjekt site profile image  

2/3/13 12:21 AM by PhallicObjekt


miller8966 site profile image  

2/3/13 12:18 AM by miller8966

Hows it going?

stonepony site profile image  

2/3/13 12:14 AM by stonepony

Yeah, Lol... He's the male Cyborg. Dependent on roids, and afraid to fight without them. Hence the sudden loud mouth and trash talking (when he was juiced out of his head vs death-bed Lesnar, he was quiet and happy)... "I'm going to fucking destroy you"... AKA, I'm off the juice and feeling timid so I better put on a front so nobody notices. He's from Pride though, so, no matter what happens you will claim he is the fiercest striker who has ever lived. He'll try to take his next opponent down and try to smother them. What he always does against anybody who is any good. Werdum will knock him out in a rematch. And we'll never see JDS vs Overeem or Cain, unless they hand it to him. He dodged all the real competition in StrikeForce, for a reason. DC would have crushed him in the first round.

Ray Cappa site profile image  

2/2/13 1:12 PM by Ray Cappa

overeem is a douchebag roidhead.

EckY site profile image  

2/2/13 10:13 AM by EckY

Apparently he never cut weight for Brock, this time he did.   But yea I am with you on that, the fact Silva talks so much shit about Overeem's PED use, when he was caught worse than Overeem was, is baffiling to me.