White's UFC 156 vlog, episode #2


•Nick The Tooth stumbles into a video shoot, bigfoot sighting style (the hairy played by Andre the Giant bigfoot, not the guy fighting Overeem live on PPV Saturday night)
•At the presser with a contentious Reem and Bigfoot.
•Nick the Tooth goes jackass in a wheelchair.
•Inches from the weigh in.
Joe Rogan and Lorenzo Fertitta talking.
Royce Gracie was there before it was cool.
Frankie Edgar gives Dana some shorts.
•Nick the Tooth backs them up at a ticket giveaway.


tags: video   UFC   Dana White   Alistair Overeem (detail)  Joe Rogan   Lorenzo Fertitta   Royce Gracie (detail)  Frankie Edgar (detail)  


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DanielCaton site profile image  

2/4/13 11:05 AM by DanielCaton

Royce's shirt was epic, followed by the tooth getting man raped for tickets.  These things are awesome.  Dana needs more of these.

HertogJan site profile image  

2/2/13 5:50 PM by HertogJan

Can't get enough of these vlogs. Love 'em.

Rambo John J site profile image  

2/2/13 3:08 PM by Rambo John J

Dana does not want to be between Bigfeet and the Reem. He looked like he seen a ghost.

UGCTT_CloudStrife site profile image  

2/2/13 3:08 PM by UGCTT_CloudStrife

Sucks to hear Dana is getting more attacks since the surgery.

jayu site profile image  

2/2/13 2:54 PM by jayu

TTT 4 DFW Vlog's!!!

Trick or Truth site profile image  

2/2/13 2:34 PM by Trick or Truth

Please don't be sorry, I'm not. There is just no need, you are going to miss out on excellent content because there is one aspect of it you don't like and now you're throwing your toys out of the pram, forgive me for being so blunt about it, just don't get 'adults' like you.

raf_269 site profile image  

2/2/13 1:58 PM by raf_269

Royce's "I did it before it was cool" shirt is awesome. Great vlog.

The Swinging Richard site profile image  

2/2/13 12:59 PM by The Swinging Richard

Some of Dana's fighters only speeches have probably been pretty fucking epic. And at around 2:35 it looks like may have shit his pants too.

Christ Crapped in My Fish and Chips site profile image  

2/2/13 12:54 PM by Christ Crapped in My Fish and Chips

I'm a dickhead because im not a gap fan? I just won't watch anymore, no biggie. Sorry I upset you :-)

ShaqNoob site profile image  

2/2/13 12:53 PM by ShaqNoob

Aldo's stare during the faceoff was fucking intense and piercing! PUMPED!