Silva shocks everyone, knocks out Overeem in 3rd


Unfortunately, "The Reem" was as patient as could be in the first round and while his accuracy was a sight to behold, he didn't offer a lot of offense and very little damage was done.

His dominance continued into the second, this time in the form of a big takedown after landing a strike or two. Things were slow rolling from there, but not so slow that referee Herb Dean forced a stand up. Overeem was doing just enough to maintain his dominant position while Silva floundered underneath him, unable to establish any kind of meaningful offense.

The open of the third is where Overeem's cockiness got the best of him. Silva rushed him with a strong sense of urgency and the two butted heads when they both went low to duck under each other. That started a flurry of activity from "Bigfoot," who blitzed the Dutchman with an overload of punches with disgusting power.

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Alistair "Demolition Man" Overeem Vs. Antonio "Junior" Silva
Fight was scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5)
Name Alistair Overeem <a href=Alistair Overeem" />
Height 6′ 4″ (193.04 cm)
Weight 256 (116.12 kg)
Record 35-12-0
Team Golden Glory
Name Antonio Silva <a href=Antonio Silva" />
Height 6′ 4″ (193.04 cm)
Weight 265 (120.2 kg)
Record 16-4-0
Team Imperial Fight Club
-Antonio Silva defeated Alistair Overeem by KO (Punches, 3rd Round, 0:25)


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Maksemous site profile image  

2/4/13 2:19 AM by Maksemous

There are plenty of people who have tested positive in MMA. I believe it's difficult to draw a conclusion on how steroids affect octagon performance. After all, Tim Sylvia tested positive and was still basically the same fighter. The same goes for Steffan Bonnar. I don't think there's a banned substance on earth that would help someone withstand a punch from Bigfoot. Unfortunately, this is the real world and no one has the super power of invulnerability. No one on earth could take those shots without going down. Many people would probably never be the same again...or worse.I noticed that Overeem has many of the same weaknesses he had at 205. Being a heavyweight greatly increased his strength and power, but he's still got the same chin. I hope he doesn't end up like Chuck. It would be a shame to see the Reem retire before his time. With that said big ups to Bigfoot, he showed a lot of heart.

ender852 site profile image  

2/3/13 11:38 PM by ender852

Reading this thread after watching the whole card...   this post is amazing : D

Quix site profile image  

2/3/13 7:55 PM by Quix

That was amazing how he knocked him out and still was standing.

stonepony site profile image  

2/3/13 7:04 PM by stonepony

He took plenty of Strikeforce fighters seriously. If he didn't, he would have fought them.

Nothing2 site profile image  

2/3/13 6:32 PM by Nothing2

While I agree about his chin, he is anything but overrated. This is his only defeat in a long time.He lost to Silva, only because he didn't take him seriously. He didn't take any Strikeforce fighters serious.I would guess he won't make that mistake when he is ready to fight again by the summer.

The Last Emperor site profile image  

2/3/13 2:56 PM by The Last Emperor

At the Muscle Pharm no less, Reem's natural habitat.

ogir site profile image  

2/3/13 2:34 PM by ogir

As the sign says "Dead Man Down" by Hulksmash.

Vitor Me A New One site profile image  

2/3/13 1:18 PM by Vitor Me A New One

Herb looking for the suplex.

GlossyMike site profile image  

2/3/13 12:34 PM by GlossyMike

Going by their striking...looks like the Blackzillians teach you how to hold a gun but not how to pull the trigger.

BshMstr site profile image  

2/3/13 8:21 AM by BshMstr

i'm thinking this played in to it...i told some buddies that i was going with Silva as the winner, because i didn't know how 'Reem would be clean (prolly the first time he was clean since he fought at LHW?).i've only seen him fight a few times, but he was a cocky ass last night, and that seemed different from how i've seen him any rate, the sports bar i was at exploded when Silva KO'd him.... pretty awesome, IMO.