Inside Real Sports preview: Ronda Rousey

by Bryant Gumbel | source: HBOSports


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willienugget site profile image  

2/5/13 11:16 PM by willienugget

This train might not last long but it's going to make a lot of money. If you hate Ronda now, you're going to loathe her after all this.

philipee32 site profile image  

2/5/13 11:11 PM by philipee32

That looks fucking good.

mrjedens site profile image  

2/5/13 11:29 AM by mrjedens

holy shit i'm so tired of hercan't wait til this shit fizzles away

TheParrot site profile image  

2/5/13 11:25 AM by TheParrot

Its nice that its not all about looks like Carano.

Rickson stays inside the home site profile image  

2/5/13 11:09 AM by Rickson stays inside the home

Women MMA is truly an abomination.

Stephen Holder site profile image  

2/5/13 11:04 AM by Stephen Holder

Ionno this is a little extreme, although I was thinking the other day about when the females fighters get to their Randy Coture/Minotauro stages in life and the wear and tear becomes much more apparent. In a society where we judge females based largely on appearance, what are people going to think when they see a Rhonda Rousey with a permanently displaced nose or she looks like shes 62 when shes really only 40 something? Might not be good..

Chris site profile image  

2/5/13 10:48 AM by Chris

looks pretty interesting

chalkandcheese site profile image  

2/5/13 10:47 AM by chalkandcheese

I doubt she's personally doing anything DFW doesn't arrange for her. The UFC will push this crap until a really brutal wmma match happens and then they'll wish they hadn't as the media will jump on it.

Y2JB site profile image  

2/5/13 7:32 AM by Y2JB

What a load of pretentious crap.

stonepony site profile image  

2/4/13 11:27 PM by stonepony

She's not just doing a lot for WMMA. She's doing a lot to unlock all kinds of doors for MMA in general.