Couture thanks White for making switch to Spike easy


UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture recently announced he had signed a deal with Spike TV to participate in a variety of efforts in the MMA space. Spike is the new home to Bellator MMA; each is owned by the media conglomerate Viacom.

An irate UFC president Dana White said that Couture was no longer welcome at the promotion's events.

In a media call today, Couture discussed the development, and much more. Highlights of the Q&A included:

•Couture is asked about the decision to leave the UFC. Says that he is honored to come home to Spike, because they helped change the landscape for MMA, and helped make it what it is today.

•"This is a chance to create more opportunities for more athletes in mixed martial arts."

•As far as his son Ryan staying with UFC, Randy says his son is his own man, and that it has almost been a burden for him to carry the Couture name. Says he is very excited for son, notes they certainly had some heart to heart conversations about it. Says Ryan was fine with him taking this job.

•Randy doesn't have answer to whether or not he'll be able to corner son. Says it's an athletic commission issue.

•Couture says "In a lot ways, I have to thank Dana White for making this transition easy," citing extra media attention.

Randy Couture says this deal didn't come together as fast as people think. Took time to decide, especially considering the Zuffa fall out.

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IHangFromBJsBallSack site profile image  

2/7/13 12:32 PM by IHangFromBJsBallSack

Everyone on here is so quick to turn around on him. Let the man make his own money! The UFC uses their fighters enough over their careers to keep on controlling them afterward. WTF Dana fucking bans a hall of famer???

Fabefromfort site profile image  

2/6/13 2:25 PM by Fabefromfort

When I first heard about Randy talking to someone, with the size of his name and brand, I immediately, like others thought another MMA Organization. I thought something big is going on. Obviously bigger than a job at UFC. Then this thing comes up. It could be a precursor to what I Randy wants part ownership in a MMA Organization. And why wouldn't he ?. The prospects are enormous. A name that size and the UFC a billion dollar organization, with no rivals. The opportunity is huge and there, for someone to get it right. It's the approach, get the TV deal, then the money then the fighters, all already exposed. Do it backwards if you will. It's safe and easy if you got help, and they do with Viacom and Spike TV. All the Networks are trying to get in on the action while the gettin's good. Just a matter of time. UFC won't be and end all, be all to everything MMA. That's when MMA takes off. Or...we may have seen the best, and the biggest ( the heyday) of MMA. People just don't want to see 2 guys dry humping each other for 15 or 25 minutes at a time. Mega fallouts in ratings and viewership. Oh there's bright spots here and there, but gone are the days of million plus PPVs. It's 20 to 40 percent that now on average, even with big names. Now a good day is 400,000. Dangerous times for MMA.

mmaattorney site profile image  

2/6/13 11:32 AM by mmaattorney


IHangFromBJsBallSack site profile image  

2/6/13 11:15 AM by IHangFromBJsBallSack

This. Lets not forget Dana is a fucking snake.

SJBenoist site profile image  

2/6/13 11:10 AM by SJBenoist

I've never seen people so angry about an unemployed guy finding a job :/Good for Randy.Also, get used to it. Other fighters are going to look for work after they retire from fighting. Zuffa can't keep them all on the payroll, and the bigger the name, the bigger the offers they will get.P.S. Watching him beat Belfort was one of the all-time great moments in MMA history. It may not seem like much today, but at the time it was amazing.

SamboMMA site profile image  

2/6/13 10:38 AM by SamboMMA

Let's be honest. Randy is all about Randy as much as UFC is about UFC. Nothing wrong with that. You have to be all about yourself if you want to survive in Sports.

Choken Necks site profile image  

2/6/13 8:36 AM by Choken Necks

Lol VU unique

Choken Necks site profile image  

2/6/13 8:29 AM by Choken Necks

So the straw that broke the camels back was the move to Bellator?

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

2/6/13 8:15 AM by Chimonos Revenge

Sad thing is, after a year or two, Randy will probably leave Spike for some other promotion that offers him more money.Guess he has to watch out for himself, but he has never displayed loyalty really.Still one of my favorite fighters of all time though.Dana would have been smarter just to not comment on it.

Da Ghost site profile image  

2/6/13 8:09 AM by Da Ghost

Unless u know the guy on a personal level, I don't think it's fair to comment on stuff with his wives, family, and friends.