Ramon Dekkers: Reem took the beating like a b!^$#


Ramon "The Diamond" Dekkers is one of the all time greats in Kickboxing. The sometime stand up trainer for Team Golden Glory, the former home of Alistair Overeem, was not impressed by 'Reem's performance Saturday night vs. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva.

Via Twitter:
Ramon Dekkers@diamonddekkers

Alistair Overeem I thought we've teached him to take a beat like a man....not like a BITCH!

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PermitMeFisticuffsBrother site profile image  

2/7/13 8:05 AM by PermitMeFisticuffsBrother

Nobody can take a lickin from Bigfoot and keep on tickin. I would be interested in seeing him vs Mark Hunto.

Pro Ice site profile image  

2/6/13 11:11 PM by Pro Ice

Maybe a little harsh but Dekkers has earned the right to say whatever he wants!

fightharder site profile image  

2/6/13 11:03 PM by fightharder

Ramon Dekker spoke the truth. It might be harsh and there might be some feelings of bad blood mixed in from the Golden Glory fallout (since then most other fighters have also fallen out with Glory btw...there not that many prize horses left in there stables....and its for the better since there now trying to makes waves in organizing events...so i personally think Glory management style wasn't exact up the snuff compared to international standards) but he still made a valid point.Considering Overeems behaviour before the fight and towards his opponent his performance and the way he got KO was rather disgraceful. I pray and hope the dude learns from the experience,eats some major humble pie and shapes the fuck up.  And Ramon Dekker can talk. Dude fight so many kickboxing fights and hardly ever been KO'd (certainly nowhere near as bad as Overeem has been in the recent and not so recent past.   Still i get a little tired about the whole the Reem steroid debate. I personally think he did take them. But i personally think a lot if not most fighters in the UFC take them as well (including Silva). I also agree that he might not be as natural a heavyweight as Silva but i do not think there a lot of those out there (the dude has giantism for god sake). I also think one should not make Silva in a incredible heavyweight all of a sudden. Even a substandard Reem was able to control Silva the first two rounds without to much effort. Some people might say that this was all according to Silva gameplan but i personally do not believe fighters make gameplans where the basically get shut down the first two rounds.   The Reem lost because he was disrespectful,cocku and overconfident. He fought silly and sloppy. He put his hands down to low,did not throw enough volume nor threw enough well placed knees. I still think he would have won the fight if he did not have such a shitty attitude towards Silva and lack of respect for his skills. But even if he would have controlled the last round in the same manner as the first two he would have still got exposed. He is simple is not good enough to be a proper challenge for JDS or Cormier and nowhere near Cain (then again nobody is).   Having said that,while Silva is a decent fighter because the dude is a freaking giant,he hardly is great. He has power but is lacking in stamina. He has little technical proficiency nor does he have the greatest take-down defense. I do think he is top ten. But he will never pose a serious challenge to either Cormier,JDS or Cain. And i doubt he would even stand a chance against a dude like Werdum.   So i am still an Overeem support (always have to stand by your country men) but he fucked up badly and really needs change up a lot of think to redeem himself.

diggity site profile image  

2/6/13 9:04 PM by diggity

sit anywhere he wants. sit

InYourMomaCloset site profile image  

2/6/13 5:24 PM by InYourMomaCloset

Good post above, but really, you should try and use paragraphs.Just put them in randomly, no one really cares.It just stops that wall of text looking so ungainly.Maskers you say?Didn't know they existed.Fuck it.I agree.Let Reem work the juice and fight on.

dakillermiller site profile image  

2/6/13 5:06 PM by dakillermiller

I don't like Regulareem :(

Fabefromfort site profile image  

2/6/13 3:41 PM by Fabefromfort

Hmmm I took down some big cash on that fight, and the Rashad loss afterward. I am a boxing, and combat sport fan for 43 years. What did I see ? I saw that Bigfoot is a Natural Behemoth, and Overeem is a natural what did he use to fight at ? May be as low as 185 pounders, but 205 to be sure. A small guy, certainly not a super heavyweight. Maybe not even a heavyweight. Regardless, In fights whether MMA or boxing or wrestling your natural weight is most of the time the one you can best fight in, anything else you will have a big drop off in performance. That's how it works. There is the odd exception, and now with PEDs who knows? It looked to me like Overeem was using PEDs til about a month or so before weigh-ins, which I predicted. There's a significant dropoff in power, and just generally how you feel. The invincible, powerful high of Steroids is gone. You may actually be depressed and feel flat, which I think is what Overeem looked like going in. Everything else was a facade. He was trying to fool Silva, and us, but Silva would have none of it. You also start turning into a girl, or female , let me correct myself. What happens is the huge load of Testosterone shuts down your bodies need to produce testosterone, and it actually produces more estrogen ( Female Hormones ). Your chest loses hair, and turns into Breasts that actually produce baby milk. You're balls and penis shrinks and probably want to turn inside out into a Vagina in order for the male of the species to insert their penis, and reproduce, thereby ensurring the survival of the species. Lots of other stuff happens...Acne, Balding, irritability (You get bitchy ), enlargement and deformity of the skull, death from a multitude of things, but, the aformentionned is what i'd worry about. Anyway, this is the thing I thought was most important. Overeem was letting his 'gamesmanship', and trash talk, and all the shenanigans, affect his game. It all went into the octagon( ring) with him, which is absolutely something you don't do. You play with fire. It's how upsets happen. I saw it before the fight. Silva was calm, and focussed, he wanted a piece of the Reem it looked to me. Lithe at 265 which is gargantuan in a way. Reem flat, but the smile and especially the smirk was fake. I thought he was at least nervous, probably scared. Something was definitely amiss. I immediately layed down some bets. I ovbviously won big. How'd it play out ?. Reem is a much better fighter all around than Silva. He stalked, but didn't throw the strikes we expected, he should have exchanged, standing at distance, and end it early. Make it hand speed against handspeed. Why would Overeem want to grapple with Silva ? It drains your KO power, and plays into Silva's strengths. Maybe his right hand was injurred. Just inexplicable to me, why he fought a vastly inferior foe that way. Reem got tired quick, something may even have started cramping somewhere, common side effects of Steroid withdrawal. I think he may have hurt Silva once. Disrespect will turn a placid human being into a Tiger. Really, Reem beat himself. Prediction ? I think Reem will take Steroids right up to and through a fight next time up, and use maskers to beat the tests. He may well get away with it. Either way he's not going into the Octagon without the Juice backing him, in his blood, next time out given the beating he took. This is how slow Silva is : when he was punching Alistair for the KO , Overeem was Knocked out cold, standing, but between punches almost stood back up twice. Part of that is it takes 20 seconds between punches in one of Silva's flurries. Good job Silva. I just don't know where you go now Reem.

Triple_B site profile image  

2/6/13 1:38 PM by Triple_B

Thanks for info

GoodnightWorld site profile image  

2/6/13 1:36 PM by GoodnightWorld

Yes, I thread-ended my own comment. Hardcore.

GoodnightWorld site profile image  

2/6/13 1:30 PM by GoodnightWorld

Everybody shut the fuck up: Ramon Dekkers is talking./thread