Couture: White sees Viacom as a threat


Randy Couture was interviewed Wednesday on the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show about his recent move to Bellator and the controversy around it.

On communication with UFC president Dana White:
“I had some rather interesting and classic texts that came to my phone. This was kind of a couple weeks ago when things started leaking.”

On White saying he was happy Couture is gone:
“I’m happy to not have to put up with and keep my mouth shut and deal with Dana as well. It goes both ways. I have a ton of respect for the UFC. In a lot of ways, I still have respect for Dana and the passion that he has for the sport and the things that him and Lorenzo have managed to do for the sport over the course of their tenure since 2000... certainly there’s plenty of things I don’t agree with.”

On Viacom owning Spike TV and Bellator:

"At the end of the day, they’ve never shied away from competition and I think that’s what’s got them on their heels a little bit now and Dana especially, is that I think they see Viacom and this whole platform as a threat and serious competition to them being considered the only brand in the marketplace in this sport.”

On the role of a coach:
“The coaches that I’ve had in my life have been in a lot of ways that standup male figure that I lacked. Having a father that was never around, those were the guys that I turned to. They guided me. They shaped and molded me in a lot of ways, so I have a ton of respect for that position and that title.”

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Listen to entire interview... (2:55:30 mark)

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kevsh site profile image  

2/7/13 2:05 PM by kevsh

Good points. Not only the passion but the experience. Bishoff and Turner had no idea what they were doing plus they literally existed week-to-week, they had no long-term vision or plan. The only goal was to win Monday's ratings.The UFC has it's flaws but as one example of how they perserve, look at this season of TuF: They listen, learn and improve. Everyone (outside of Zuffa) was calling for TuF to be ended after that last brutal season. So they go and re-invent the show with a new look, focus and generally more mature and likable fighters and most of us are watching again.

GeneraI site profile image  

2/7/13 1:39 PM by GeneraI

Great comparison Kid! 1

Brian J DSouza site profile image  

2/7/13 1:33 PM by Brian J DSouza

Glad Dana White told Bellator fighters to watch what they signed away in their contract, because UFC would eventually be able to acquire many Bellator fighters once they are successful stars like Lombard (Alvarez too, if he can win his legal battles).  

JerodR site profile image  

2/7/13 1:29 PM by JerodR

Agreed and it is very much the same type of situation. I don't see anyone over there that can match the passion for the sport.

TheKidAintMine site profile image  

2/7/13 1:25 PM by TheKidAintMine

Yup. This whole UFC vs Bellator situation reminds me of the WWE vs WCW pro-wrestling "wars". Although, Bellator is nowhere as successful as WCW was its prime. The reason why the WWE beat WCW was because the McMahon family lives and breathes their industry - pro wrestling. For the guys at WCW, it was just a business. Hogan said it best. You could call up Vince McMahon at 3am and he'd be more than happy to discuss storylines and angles. But you'd call the WCW offices at like 5:02pm and everyone would've already gone home and you'd have to wait till the next business day to have your call returned.I liken Zuffa/Dana/Lorenzo to Vince in the above scenario. They're passionate about the sport and have grown it from being banned on PPV to its current form on FOX tv. Viacom doesn't give a shit about MMA. They want to make money within a certain timeframe. If that doesn't happen, they'll probably start looking into that whole armwrestling-fighting XARM stuff.

MITman2k site profile image  

2/7/13 1:01 PM by MITman2k

That wasn't meant for you Harmon whistler, btw LOL

MITman2k site profile image  

2/7/13 1:00 PM by MITman2k

^ If you say that shit directly to randy 's face do you have even the faintest delusion that he wouldn't put your teeth down your throat, regardless of the consequences?

Harmon Whistler site profile image  

2/7/13 12:57 PM by Harmon Whistler

  Kind of an odd argument considering Viacom owns Spike, and Fox is owned by News Corp...     Anyway, Fox gets their budget from News Corp, and Spike gets theirs from Viacom.. and Lynchman is right, neither has the full backing from their respective companies; News Corp. and Viacom are both monsters, but they also have a ton of assets in broadcasting (among other things) that need to be funded too..

DonFrye_Fan site profile image  

2/7/13 12:50 PM by DonFrye_Fan

Randy not having his father around explains a lot about his character.

Brian J DSouza site profile image  

2/7/13 12:48 PM by Brian J DSouza

LMAO @ the various threats to the UFC over the years. The fighters will always appreciate one place where they can get major PPV dollars.