Michael Bisping official statement on Belfort's TRT


As some of you may know, I’ve just got back to Orange County from filming a movie in England.   There have been dozens and dozens of interview requests and tweets about the recent news.

I’m back in England next week for the UFC on FUEL show, and right now all I really want to do is see my family, especially my daughter, who turned just turned 10 (happy birthday, Elle!). So, I wanted to do a short statement here and then move on to my fight with Alan Belcher, April 27th at UFC 159.

Here’s what I’ve got to say:

As I said right after the fight, I lost because I made a mistake and Vitor took advantage of it. It sucks. I don't like it, but that was the result. I lost. Bottom line.

Over the past couple years, and even right before the fight, I have made my views on TRT very, very clear.  I don’t feel that I need to go into depth about it again right now.  All I have to add, about this specific instance, is that it is very disappointing that someone who was caught cheating with testosterone in the past, now gets to use testosterone legally.  A well known side effect of steroids is that it reduces testosterone, so I don't understand how it would make sense to then grant someone an exemption to then increase testosterone.

All that being said, I am not here to make excuses or cry over spilled milk.  I fight in the best organization in the world, The UFC, and am very excited to work and earn a title fight, the right way.  That process starts by whooping Alan Belcher's ass at UFC 159 on Saturday, April 27th, live on PPV.

Thanks everyone for their support – can’t wait to spend some time with British UFC fans in London next week and I will be back, better than ever.

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Bidnis47 site profile image  

2/14/13 4:20 PM by Bidnis47


3rdLion site profile image  

2/14/13 3:23 PM by 3rdLion

"As I said right after the fight, I lost because I made a mistake and Vitor took advantage of it. It sucks. I don't like it, but that was the result. I lost. Bottom line."The opposite of a whine.

judofreak717 site profile image  

2/14/13 2:30 PM by judofreak717

I don't mean to sound like a hater. But you lost dude. whining about him cheating is not the warrior way.

King1234 site profile image  

2/14/13 1:39 PM by King1234


Vitor the Taxi Driver Belfort site profile image  

2/10/13 12:20 AM by Vitor the Taxi Driver Belfort

LMFAO!!(wipes tears)Wait, wait! So what you're telling me is that your take what Quinton Jackson says as true and you see nothing about any of previous bullshit statement that would give you pause to think he may be lying here as well?!?!Also add to the fact that he doesn't like Bisping and left his camp AND that noone ever accused him of it before.You are a sharp one

BuyTheTicketTakeTheRide site profile image  

2/9/13 4:21 PM by BuyTheTicketTakeTheRide


TEX4N32 site profile image  

2/9/13 4:19 PM by TEX4N32


JunkieDog site profile image  

2/9/13 3:59 PM by JunkieDog

A top notch PR firm couldnt have crafted a better "not to make an excuse, BUT...." type of statement than that one. Nice job, Mike. Then again, when you're a user yourself, do you really ahve any room to cry about it?? Check out at 27m 45s... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=pp3DrT4nmz8

Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

2/9/13 3:30 PM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

Did Vitor fall out with God?He must've done, taking TRT suggests God fucked him over so he's taken matters into his own hand. Surely God would respect someone more who did the best they could with what he gave them?Vitor may well find himself blocked at Heavens gates :(

MickColins site profile image  

2/9/13 12:47 PM by MickColins

Bisping has a point. Steroid use in the past can effect future test production. However, lots of other things can,too. Like head trauma, which is something every fighter will suffer from. Especially someone like Belfort, who has been fighting professionally for 15 years. As long as the TRT isn't blasting his test into insane ranges, and if you take it they are gonna test you to make sure, its not an issue.