Ronda Rousey: Cyborg questions weight cut, but not steroids

by Case Keefer | source:

Rousey also takes offense to Cyborg making demands after coming off a yearlong suspension for testing positive for anabolic steroids.

“This whole spiel about how ‘my doctor says it’s going to hurt my heart and my ability to have babies,’ well, you can find your own doctor to think whatever you want to,” Rousey said. “Regardless of that, where was all this concern about her heart and having babies in the future when she was shooting steroids up her (butt)? Anyone with half of a brain can see she’s using this to her advantage just because it happens to work for her right now.”

Rousey hopes Cyborg sticks in the UFC and takes what the champion once called “the only fight that really makes sense.” In Rousey’s perfect world, all of the best female fighters would be centralized in the UFC.

That hasn’t happened to this point, but the UFC did announce its second-ever women’s fight Monday. Rousey approved of the matchup between Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano, which will take place on “The Ultimate Fighter: Jones vs. Sonnen” finale April 13 in Las Vegas.

“Zingano’s undefeated and has been talking about how she wants to fight me but apparently wants to fight Miesha first,” Rousey said. “And Miesha has just been running her mouth in general and I like fighting her because I think she deserves a beating. I’ll be very interested to see who wants that fight. It’s very likely I’ll be fighting the winner of that match.”

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UGCTT_mrzipplokk site profile image  

2/14/13 11:20 AM by UGCTT_mrzipplokk

lol What you did there. I see it.........

FreakDaddy site profile image  

2/14/13 11:08 AM by FreakDaddy

Still waiting for an answer bro......I am really interested in your response.....

georgejonesjr site profile image  

2/14/13 11:05 AM by georgejonesjr

Actually it sounds like she's quite willing to get into the cage with Cyborg at 135 (the weight she's champion of). Cyborg claims she can't make 135 (quite possible), but I don't see how that makes it Rousey's responsibility to go up in weight.The problem for Cyborg is that she wants to piggy back off of Rousey's fame. If Cyborg can't make Rousey's weight she should do what Rousey did, and build up her own following - if she builds up her own hype she can create a 145 (or probably 155) WMMA division. As it is, she's trying to do it the easy way, cashing in on someone else's marketing. Sometimes there are no shortcuts, if Cyborg wants the big money, she's going to have to do like Rousey, Sonnen, Muhammed Ali, Mayweather etc did, and create a buzz around herself. Then she can fight in whatever weight division she wants, because the money will come to her. Until she does that, she can't expect anyone to change divisions to fight her.

HexRei site profile image  

2/14/13 3:22 AM by HexRei

Not even close

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

2/14/13 3:19 AM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

Ronda is like Forrest Gump when he decides to go for a run one day and ends up running across the whole USA. She wont get in a cage with Cyborg. Cyborg would end the marketing hype that is Rousey.

Bat21 site profile image  

2/13/13 9:11 PM by Bat21 half-brains appear to be very high-functioning, despite your obvious impairment...kudos. EDIT: wanted to add that its laughable how some posters on this thread don't seem to realize that its the 135lb division, for which Rousey holds the belt. The UFC Women's 135lb division, not the 140lb or 145lb. If she wants to fight Rousey at 140 or 145, then it can't and shouldn't be for the belt.    

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

2/13/13 9:08 PM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

What I find the most telling looking at older and newer pics of her, just like Overeem/BarryBonds etc, is not the muscles, rather the obvious growth of the cranium/skull at ear level and above.   Sorry folks, but your fucking SKULL is not supposed to expand/grow after the age of about 15-18ish...

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

2/13/13 9:06 PM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

^^^^ "WTF did she do?"   Well, you know, just took some supplements and stuff....maybe some kettle bell training?

JerodR site profile image  

2/13/13 8:58 PM by JerodR

Damn...seeing the two of those together is crazy. WTF did she do? Damn. I respect wanting to have more power, but if it puts you out of a weight class or a it really worth it? Wow.

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh site profile image  

2/13/13 8:19 PM by ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh

I think Cyborg would absolutely maul Ronda, but the onus is on her to get to 135.