Demetrious Johnson to defend flyweight title at TUF 17 Finale


Demetrious Johnson will defend his UFC flyweight title against John Moraga at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale on April 13 in Las Vegas.

Johnson (17-2-1) became the first UFC flyweight champion when he defeated Joseph Benavidez by decision at UFC 152.  Johnson last fought on Jan. 26, defeating John Dodson by unanimous decision.

Moraga (13-1) is 2-0 inside the UFC Octagon with a knockout over Ulysses Gomez and a submission victory over Chris Cariaso.

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sevr1 site profile image  

2/12/13 7:32 PM by sevr1

I like that the belt isn't held captive for 6-9 months at a time.Take notice, other uninjured champs.

Izzyxtwo site profile image  

2/12/13 12:37 PM by Izzyxtwo

They have to build of the casual fan's knowledge of who the 125ers are. It started the same way with every smaller class. Jose Also came out from behind GSP/Shields at 129 and now has his own ppv's. Now it's the same with MM. He was fighting behind Bones/Belfort at 152 and then a headliner on a fox card, soon will headline his own ppv. People don't buy ppv's of fighters they don't know about, therefore they are exposing MM to the masses until he's capable of headllining a ppv.

Y2JB site profile image  

2/12/13 6:05 AM by Y2JB

But will it be anything other than another 5 round decision?

Johan Von Brügermëister site profile image  

2/12/13 5:33 AM by Johan Von Brügermëister

Three cheers for an active champion fighting the number 1 contender. Other divisions can take a lesson

Mufasatheking site profile image  

2/12/13 4:25 AM by Mufasatheking

MM would rather stay active then wait around for 6 months

UGCKIRTT_SonofJockstrap site profile image  

2/12/13 4:01 AM by UGCKIRTT_SonofJockstrap

I'm all for the lesser-known guys (which also happens to be in the smaller weight-classes) being on the free cards. I'm also all for free title fights in general. The live gate for these shows will do well and Fox is subsidizing the events and the payroll to make up for the difference in the ppv revenue, so this is a good move to put more title fights out there.

FunkMasterJoe site profile image  

2/12/13 3:27 AM by FunkMasterJoe

I'll never understand how people can complain about a free card.

slamming site profile image  

2/12/13 2:48 AM by slamming

Giving it away for free is shoving it down our throats? You speak nonsense.

burner22 site profile image  

2/12/13 1:43 AM by burner22

Who is this morega cat? Anyone know what his strengths are? Or how he plans to beat mighty mouse

Vote me down site profile image  

2/12/13 1:07 AM by Vote me down

Good, I was starting to think the FW's only had 4 fighters.