Carmouche: 'Room for surprises" vs. Rousey


In the inaugural UFC fight card featuring women Saturday night, the role of superstar/bombshell/remorseless arm-breaker is played by Ronda Rousey, who has posed nude for ESPN, made fun of Michael Phelps on YouTube, talked to Conan O'Brien on national TV about having sex before fights, and won all six of her MMA fights in the first round.

The role of hapless victim goes to Liz Carmouche.

Carmouche, soft-spoken outside the cage but hard-charging in it, is fine with being the 12-to-1 underdog heading into the historic bout.

"I like being the underdog," she says. "It leaves room for surprises."

She has been completely respectful to Rousey during the promotion of the fight, and Rousey has found herself wanting to be friends with Carmouche.

"To be honest," Rousey says, "I actually try to talk to her as little as possible because the more I talk to her, the more I like her."

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Rousey may like Carmouche, but she doesn't see any room for surprise.

"It's fun, but I'm going to sit back and enjoy it after I win," said Rousey with supreme confidence. "I was expecting it to be a chaotic, circus kind of thing. It met those expectations and a little bit more, but there's no amount of media, there's no loss of sleep, there's nothing that can really save Liz Carmouche from losing to me."

That said, anything can happen in this sport, which is why you have the fight. What surprises could happen Saturday night?

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JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

2/23/13 5:42 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Only way Liz does anything surprising is by making it to the 2nd round which Rogan and Goldie will treat like Douglas over Tyson. Liz can't win. But guess what?She isn't supposed to. This isn't a sport. It's entertainment. This fight was booked to make Ronda look great with hopes men decide to pay to see her future bouts. If Liz wins I'll buy 3 blue names. Tonight. I expect to keep my money as Dana talks about Ronda at the press conference as if she were the first girl to blow him at age 14.

fightharder site profile image  

2/23/13 4:54 PM by fightharder

Total BS....   Liz is a decent fighter because she is able to outpower most girls. She can impose her will by moving in the pocket. She can work take downs by bullying other fighters. She really has not that much technical ability when it comes to the ground and has decent and solid but far from top level wrestling. And while her striking is powerful it is hardly technically high standart stuff. She needs to be able to bully opponents. That is her whole style and its there that she thrives.   Only against Roussey this will play right into her game. She cannot get near her because that would basically mean the end of her. Yet it is so natural for her to move on the insight when an openings presents itself to do damage that she won't be capable or resisting the temption.   If she was a more technically proficient striker,if she had better technical take-down defense or wrestling or was better on the ground she might have a slight chance.   But this is not the case. Make no mistake out of all the female fighters that are somewhat knows Liz is by far the safest match up for Rhonda. Its not that Rhonda would not destroy all the other female fighters. Its just that Liz,considering her style of fighting,taken into account her weaknesses and strenghts ,most risk averse fight to make for the UFC considering their investment in the Rhonda Roussey show.

kevsh site profile image  

2/23/13 2:22 PM by kevsh

Rousey is an Olympic-level athlete that has been training judo since she could walk, and by her mom, a world class judoka. This has led to incredible body strength, balance and obviously, elite takedown and submission skills.So basically, the only prayer Liz has is to keep Rousey's hands off of her. The moment Ronda gets a hold of Liz she's going to be taken down easily, on her back and all but helpless. So the only question is, can Liz KO/TKO Rousey before that happens? Highly unlikely, but it's her only chance.

HandyDarsh site profile image  

2/23/13 10:55 AM by HandyDarsh


Mix6APlix site profile image  

2/23/13 10:44 AM by Mix6APlix

Mariah Faber imo.

BajiKimran site profile image  

2/23/13 10:37 AM by BajiKimran

She'll lose in the first round.

BajiKimran site profile image  

2/23/13 10:37 AM by BajiKimran

Not much of a surprise tho.

BRZ site profile image  

2/23/13 10:16 AM by BRZ

So Faber weighed in twice yesterday?

RyannVonReemjob site profile image  

2/23/13 10:13 AM by RyannVonReemjob

They had a stunt double at the press conference as"uriah"

diggity site profile image  

2/23/13 6:40 AM by diggity

The surprise is that carmouche is actually Uriah Faber. You ever see them in the same room together? They're identical!