Anderson Silva will fight Jones this year, buts wants a catchweight


The lecture was held last Wednesday in Las Vegas, and was attended by Anderson, former player Rai, the announcer of TV Globo Galvão Bueno and his son, the pilot of Stock Car Caca Bueno. They answered the questions of those present, the company's employees, and at some point the fighter was asked about the matchup against Jon Jones.

Besides confirming their willingness to face it and say that this should occur in 2013, said the Spider to be fighting at a weight of about 87kg intermediate and not worth nor his middleweight belt (up to 83.9 kg) nor the light heavyweight belt (up to 93kg) Jones.

Also according to the Brazilian, the idea is that the event takes place in New York City, where it has already exited the release of the State of New York to perform MMA tournaments there. If not, is there a chance of the stage being a soccer stadium in Brazil. The story was told by an official of that great Brazilian company the details of the lecture.

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*Please note the above in translated by Google and may contain some mistakes in spelling, grammer, and translation.

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orcus site profile image  

2/27/13 10:49 AM by orcus

Yes, but that's 3 fights in a 37 fight career. And two of those fights were 4 and 5 years ago. Also, two of them were short-notice fights expressly to help the UFC out (first to throw together a card to counter Affliction, most recent to save the Rio card). That leaves the Forrest fight as the only one that could be said to be Anderson actually "wanting" to fight at LHW, and it was 4 years until his next fight at that weight.

awesomestprime site profile image  

2/27/13 8:50 AM by awesomestprime

Can't believe I missed this one.... This is how I FEEL about it. But not how I THINK about it. I'll be honest. I don't buy UFC PPV's anymore. I've missed a couple great fights, but I'm ok with that. I WOULD NOT miss this fight though. NO WAY. I'd pay 100 dollars to get it no doubt. It's the only thing the UFC could do that would make it an "event in my life" right now.Sadly, I think the UFC won't make it happen "by any means necessary" because they don't "need to". Just listen to how many people on here think it's "unfair" for Silva to go up and fight him.I hope I'm wrong about that. I genuinely hope I'm wrong.Dana, if you're reading this....I don't buy PPV's anymore. The last one I bought had Chuck Wandy on it I think? But I would pay 100 dollars to see Silva and Jones fight. It would be the first PPV my 10 year old son watched. This is a chance to truly make history. Remember Wandy Chuck back in the day? Remember the Fedor deal you couldn't get done? When Tito and BJ walked out to announce their returns? This would eclipse ALL OF THAT. This is the biggest fight in the history of the sport. If Anderson will do MAKE IT HAPPEN... PLEASE!!!

BshMstr site profile image  

2/27/13 8:11 AM by BshMstr

maybe "routinely" has a poor choice of words, but AS has fought 3 times successfully at LHW since he won the UFC MW title, and his most recent bout has been at LHW.

Attila site profile image  

2/27/13 3:06 AM by Attila

He can't even meet Jones half way? Anderson has a knack for making himself look bad with this stuff he puts out there.

shatefak site profile image  

2/27/13 2:20 AM by shatefak

agreeif this is really andersons words then he should fight gsp at 172, because the jones fight is not going to happen at that weight.

AbbottMary site profile image  

2/27/13 1:53 AM by AbbottMary

Anderson is by far the best troll in mma.

orcus site profile image  

2/26/13 11:23 PM by orcus

Not sure what is confusing you. Is it that I used a double negative in the first post? Here's the correction: "I hope none of the people who say Jones would die trying to make 192 are the same ones always bleating about how Anderson is "really" 220lb. "

sparkuri site profile image  

2/26/13 11:17 PM by sparkuri

I Read your first post.   Then read your second.            

UGSlapshot site profile image  

2/26/13 11:15 PM by UGSlapshot


orcus site profile image  

2/26/13 10:55 PM by orcus

"ironic, since AS has routinely fought at LHW already...." "Routinely"?