Should Wand retire after epic Stann win?


Wanderlei Silva epically beat Brian Stann in Japan at UFC on FUEL 8 Saturday night, earning both Fight of the Night and Knockout of the Night performance bonus awards.

Silva's return to Japan was some 14 years after his PRIDE debut. He went undefeated in 20 fights there, with wins including Dan Henderson, Rampage Jackson (twice), and Kazushi Sakuraba (three times).

But this sport is hard. Wand turns 37 in July.

In the win over Stann he got dropped in the first round over and over, and he got dropped by Franklin in a loss the fight before that, and the fight before that he got dropped by Cung Le although he stood up to win, and the fight before that he got dropped, unconscious, by Chris Leben.

Is this a good, or even great moment for the most beloved fighter in the sport to retire?

Silva isn't quite ready yet.

“I fight one fight at a time right now," said Silva after the fight. "I feel healthy.  A couple of injuries are normal, you know? But I know sooner or later I’m going to need to stop the job. But I’m happy for getting this feeling, this energy from my fans, make the show for my fans. I'm so glad to make my fans happy around the world."

Brian Stann is a tough opponent. He has a strong punch. I hit him and he hit me, and I felt out a little bit in that moment, but this is the kind of fight I like to do. He’s a strong guy, a warrior. He came to fight, no going away, no run around. He’s there to do the job.”

"I had a dream before I retired to fight in Brazil and fight here. I’m so glad the UFC gave me the opportunity for me to fight one last time in Brazil and fighting here."

"If UFC gives me the opportunity to come back here, I’m happy to fight in Japan again.

“I have the best moments of my life here and today is one more.”

What do you think UG? Is it time for Wanderlei Silva to retire? Or should he keep entertaining us? Or should he do whatever he wants to? The benefits of Wanderlei Silva are burned into our collective memory; what are the costs?


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Mit site profile image  

3/3/13 10:20 PM by Mit

I wanna see him retire...unfortunately his chin is shot now and I really want to seem him go out on top.

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germ site profile image  

3/3/13 8:47 PM by germ

there will never be a better time, big win in front of a Japanese crowd

Josheo site profile image  

3/3/13 6:32 PM by Josheo

Completely agree with this sentiment. What does Wandy have left to prove? Is there anything substantial left for him to accomplish in MMA? He's still an awesome fighter, but let's face it: he's not a title contender. He's a big name with an exciting fighting style and a loyal fanbase, and I'm sure the UFC powers that be can parlay that into some interesting, entertaining fights. But, watching the fight against Stann, in Japan, felt like a "swan song" of sorts. Before entering the Octagon, Silva raised his hands to the crowd, in pure joy, and the roar of approval they gave in response just felt like the right ending for the Brazilian. Fighting in the country where his star shined brightest, the game underdog with the looping punches used a brutal combination of punches to upset the 3-1 favorite. No matter whom "The Axe Murderer" beats in the future, I can't imagine it besting this win.

FingerorMoon site profile image  

3/3/13 6:09 PM by FingerorMoon

Should he retire? Yes, definitely.Will he. No way.MMA stars never go out on top. They apparently need 3-5 brutal KO knockouts before they'll admit to themselves its time to go.Wand is 2-1 lately with 2 finishes and only a decision loss.He's going to have to lose a few big ones in a row before he decides its time.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

3/3/13 6:03 PM by DoomFarmer

Give him Sakara @ 185 in Brazil.

slamming site profile image  

3/3/13 5:54 PM by slamming

He will not get a better scenario to go out on that this.He should retire now and ride off into the sunset with his brain intact. This is a picture perfect ending. No need to be greedy.

Haulport site profile image  

3/3/13 5:25 PM by Haulport

UG News stole my god dammed thread from last night!!!!!I felt it would have been one of the greatest moments EVER is Wand hung it up in his post fight interview after that win...

r_o_y site profile image  

3/3/13 4:24 PM by r_o_y

Yes, he should stop. Nothing left to gain. Do we think silva is making A title run at 205? Money likely isn't an issue either. A ufc gym run by wand anywhere would probably do well.