'Heartbroken' Stann abandoned plan in Japan


“I got out of the strategy in the first round a little bit," said Wanderlei Silva of his fight with Brian Stann. "Because he’s a tough guy."

Stann used nearly identical language, in describing a fight that was so wild, either fighter could have taken it at any moment.

"I'm obviously heartbroken," said Stann after the loss. "It was a good, tough fight, and I abandoned my plan a little bit by getting overaggressive.

"I think the fact that I hurt him early multiple times, it made me get overaggressive, leaving me susceptible to what he's best at, which is throwing a hard, overhand right."

"I think maybe I tempted fate a little bit by signing to meet Wanderlei in Japan, and it was just his night. My hat's off to him. He's one of the greatest fighters, ever, and I'm proud to be a part of his legacy."

So now Stann returns to middleweight, and cashing a $50,000 check for being 50% of the Fight of the Night.

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R00STER site profile image  

3/3/13 9:21 PM by R00STER

"Heartbroken Stann abandoned plan in Japan"WTF, did they hire Dr Seuss to write the UG headlines?

bonerfart site profile image  

3/3/13 6:00 PM by bonerfart

Lmao @ u fuckers thinking they'd cut Stann!Exactly why would they do that?#1 he always comes to fight. He's not gonna lyoto a fight.#2. Everyone loves the guy.#3 He's a huge draw.

RyannVonReemjob site profile image  

3/3/13 5:53 PM by RyannVonReemjob

Stann gained my respect last night. Classy.

Nick Fury site profile image  

3/3/13 5:28 PM by Nick Fury

I wish all fighters would fight like those two did last night.

TheHaunted2 site profile image  

3/3/13 4:47 PM by TheHaunted2

Im not american, but if I were I would place brian stann as the face of true american pride. A good guy, good fighter and classy in defeat. He is what all americans should look up to

stonepony site profile image  

3/3/13 4:45 PM by stonepony

People asking if he'll be cut? It was one of the best 1st rounds in MMA history.

YonYones site profile image  

3/3/13 3:41 PM by YonYones

No reason to be heartbroken, that first round was top 5 rounds of all time. The fight itself was one of the best ever. Too awesome

Wasa-B site profile image  

3/3/13 2:52 PM by Wasa-B

The fight went how i kinda thought it might. I knew Wand had to stay out of the wild exchanges and if he got past R1, like the Cung fight, his experience may win it for him. But how awesome was that in the end?

Rambo John J site profile image  

3/3/13 2:35 PM by Rambo John J

B Stann in the haouse, YOU KNOW.

Bam57Bam site profile image  

3/3/13 2:04 PM by Bam57Bam