Aleks Emelianenko's long, strange trip


In the beginning, Aleksander Emelianenko was the scariest man in mixed martial arts.

In December of 2012, Aleks caused a disturbance on a plane, in his native Russia.

"During the flight, the renowned athlete caused a breach of public order," reported the Russian language site RSport. "He spoke loudly, molested passengers, provoked them into fights, did not react to remarks from the cabin crew, demanded liquor, used foul language, smoked in the airplane."

Emelianenko pled guilty and received a fine of 700 rubles, or about $23.

Shortly after the MMA's scariest man on a plane incident, he was released by M-1 Global.

"Alexander constantly violated the terms of contact, we canceled," said Vadim Finklestein. "Now he is a free agent, he has his own way. Neither I, Fedor, nor M-1 is responsible for his actions."

And shortly after that, he retired.

Now he is living in a monastery in Mount Athos, Greece.

The UG's own beloved TSGIGOR has the images of Aleks living like a monk.



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3/6/13 5:22 AM by GelderdEnd


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3/6/13 3:46 AM by Millzy

Holy Shit!I have been there. We call it Sveta Gora.No females are allowed on Mount Athos.. Interesting place.

UGCTT_mrzipplokk site profile image  

3/5/13 6:22 PM by UGCTT_mrzipplokk

VU Jason R

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3/5/13 5:54 PM by BadLuck13

Ps aleksander has always been and always will be my favorite fighter ever

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3/5/13 5:52 PM by BadLuck13

I can't think of a better title too! Brother emelienenko sounds epic!Please someone make this

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3/5/13 5:20 PM by mmavixen

Jason, I wouldn't expect any less from you buddy.   Amazing post.  VTFU

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3/5/13 2:17 PM by Karl Olsson

Fucking wow man :)That was beautiful!

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3/5/13 1:43 PM by Jason Reinhardt

Some professional fighters get "burned out" guys/girls. It can come to a point where it's like "Been there done that, sick of it all" "just want to live a stress free life without all the pressures of being a prize fighter and all the BS behind the scenes that comes with it" Personally, i'm not there yet, but that's because i feel deep within that I have NO choice but to fight again! Period. Fedors brother seems at peace with himself and his accomplishments as a fighter. I love seeing that if a fighter can get to this point in his mind, heart and soul. Please don't misunderstand what i'm trying to convey here, because I'm obviously not comparing myself in ANY WAY, shape, or form to the Fedor brothers for christ sake, or thier success's, but the things i have done, been through, and seen over all the years fighting around the world, i get it!! I get how a guy like Fedors brother could feel this way and want to get away from it all, and go off to a place of serenity. I hope and pray i never get to that point. There's always coaching after fighting. I don't think i could ever walk away. I would lose part of myself. Personally, to me, he looks very, very happy! As fans of his, we should all want nothing but happiness and inner peace for this Warrior who gave so much entertainment to us all. It's all about being true to yourself, but that's not as easy as it sounds. So much respect to him. It seems as though he's gotten there. So many do not. Not only as mma pro fighters, but pro boxers as well. (for 6 years in professional boxing as a second, i witnessed some sad shit) Lets be honest, fighting often times is about trying to please others and as a fighter, caring so much about what the fans think of you. It's hard to retire until your at peace with that. Just my humble opinion as an MMA competitor. MMA Fans are what keep fighters going. Ultimately it's all about the fans! And any fighter who says they don't care about "fans acceptance" and "support" is lying! Fans are what get us out of bed to start our 3 a days!

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3/5/13 1:18 PM by sparkuri


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