White named 45th most powerful person in sports, Obama is #44


What constitutes power in the 21st century? Where does it come from? And why aren't our most powerful sportsmen the men who actually play sports? In sports, as in life, power is often inherited (think of Kim Jong Un or Hal Steinbrenner), seized by force (Napoleon, Mike Tyson) or passed peacefully beyond bloodlines (Bush-to-Obama, David Stern-to-deputy Adam Silver). Transfers of power in sports are less bloody than in Game of Thrones but no less intriguing, which is why it's worth asking who sits atop our Throne of Games?

1. Roger Goodell    NFL commissioner
2. David Stern    NBA commissioner
3. Philip Anschutz     AEG owner
4. John Skipper     ESPN president
5. Bud Selig    MLB commissioner
6. Stan Kroenke     Kroenke Sports Enterprises owner
7. Mark Lazarus    NBC Sports chairman
8. Jacques Rogge    IOC president
9. Phil Knight     Nike chairman
10. Hedge Fund Dude   
11. Mark Walter     Guggenheim Partners CEO & Dodgers owner
12. Robert Kraft     Patriots owner
13. Sean McManus     CBS Sports chairman
14. Michael Dolan     IMG Worldwide CEO
15. Eric Shanks     Fox Sports copresident
16. Sepp Blatter     FIFA president
17. Mike Slive     SEC commissioner
18. Adam Silver     NBA deputy commissioner
19. Jerry Jones     Cowboys owner
20. Larry Ellison     Oracle CEO
21. Richard Scudamore     Barclays Premier League CEO
22. Bernie Ecclestone     Formula One president and CEO
23. Scott Boras    Baseball agent
24. Kevin Plank     Under Armour CEO
25. Tim Finchem     PGA commissioner
26. Jm Delany     Big Ten commissioner
27. Gary Bettman     NHL commissioner
28. David Levy     Turner Broadcasting president of sales, distribution and sports
29. Glazer Family    
30. Carlos Brito     Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO
31. Donald Fehr     NHLPA executive director
32. Herbert Hainer     Adidas Group CEO
33. Bob Bowman     MLB Advanced Media CEO
34. Casey Wasserman     Wasserman Media Group CEO
35. DeMaurice Smith    NFLPA executive director
36. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan     UAE Deputy Prime Minister & Man. City owner
37. Travis Tygart     USADA CEO
38. Mark Emmert     NCAA president
39. John Riccitiello     Electronic Arts CEO
40. Brian France     NASCAR CEO and chairman
41. Alison Lewis and Sharon Byers     Coca-Cola North America
42. Al Haymon     Boxing adviser and promoter
43. Ed O'Bannon     Retired basketball player
44. Barack Obama     U.S. President
45. Dana White     UFC president
46. Cindy Davis     Nike Golf president
47. Tom Condon     CAA Sports cohead of football division
48. Mark Cuban     Mavericks owner
49. Stephen Espinoza     Showtime executive VP of sports and event programming
50. Michael Jordan    Bobcats owner

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Is it unfair that Barack Obama beat Dana White? Are you aghast that Americans think football is bigger than football? Or did you ask yourself 'What is Formula One?'  Did they put Michael Jordan at 50 because it is true, or just to get people talking?

What do you think UG?


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Pancake Syrup site profile image  

3/7/13 4:24 PM by Pancake Syrup

Ok i see how he is on that list i just had no clue who he was or what he had to do with sports

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

3/7/13 4:12 PM by RyannVonDoom


time traveling 12er site profile image  

3/7/13 3:38 PM by time traveling 12er

The impression I get from soccer fans is that every country outside the US is rabid for soccer when that's clearly not the case.  The two most populated countries in the world are more interested in other sports and they alone make up like a third of the world population.  Actually in the top 10 most populous countries only 3 have soccer as their top sport.  Yeah soccer is huge but the US certainly isn't the only country that doesn't care that much about it.  People are in here claiming that the head of FIFA is the most powerful man in sports when there doesn't seem to be much of a case for it.  I think the popularity is a bit overrated.

Dr Doom site profile image  

3/7/13 2:30 PM by Dr Doom

Rather than go back and forth about which sport is better, how come only 1 dude has pointed out the fact that Dana White is not even the most powerful person IN HIS OWN COMPANY.List is therefore irrelevant and deserves no respect."Get me a fucking coffee" - Lorenzo Fertitta to Dana White.

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

3/7/13 2:25 PM by 2JupitersTooMany

49,447. Bobby Johnson Little League Second Basement Bloomington Bobcats 49,448. Pam Thingleton Owner Badminton Clothing Outfitters Incorporated 49,449. Ken P Sports Agent 49,450. The dead body of Frank Scrubbs Fan of the Celtics

Silverball site profile image  

3/7/13 2:20 PM by Silverball

You forgot the part about Dana having pointy elbows, but everything else...QFT

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

3/7/13 2:16 PM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle

Well I dunno, how dominant do people think it is?   The only sporting event that matches the World Cup in terms of global importance is the Olympics.  Its the biggest sport in pretty much the entirety of Europe and South America, as well as large parts of Asia and Africa. Whats more even in the places where its not the most popular its usually 2nd or 3rd and occupies the position that say the NBA or MLB does in the US. For instance its second only to Cricket in India, second to Baseball in Japan and is certainly not niche in China either, from what ive heard Soccer and Basketball are pretty neck and neck there. Shit, even in the US where its exceptionally unpopular it has a large following because of the sheer size of the population. The US and China have the 1st and 2nd highest participation rates of anywhere in the world in fact. Plus the last World Cup final drew more American viewers than the last World Series and the MLS is getting 300'000+ people to its stadiums every weekend and becoming more and more popular each year.   So yeah, it is fairly dominant tbh. Cricket is probably 2nd by virtue of India being so fucking big and Pakistan having a large population too, its doesnt have a global reach. Basketballs popularity is much more widespread but its still not particularly close in popularity to Soccer. Its pretty much the only sport in the world where a team winning a league in England can cause street celebrations and make the news on every continent.

time traveling 12er site profile image  

3/7/13 1:24 PM by time traveling 12er

I'm not disputing that it's the most popular sport, just saying it isn't as dominant as people think.  China and India alone probably equal the populations of most of the lower FIFA countries and it isn't super popular in either country.  India only has like 4 FIFA stadiums in the whole country.  In China lots of people say basketball is more popular to both watch and play.  If you asked some random Chinese person on the street to name a basketball player or a soccer player I'm pretty sure you're more likely to hear a basketball player first. Like I said I don't think Blatter is that powerful..  He's elected and he seems to be under constant accusations of corruption.  Just becaues Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, doesn't mean the guy running it's international oversight committe is automatically the most powerful man in sports.  The fact that he can be voted out and has no direct control over the teams under FIFA also puts him lower on the list.  Its not like being the head of FIFA gives him control over every soccer team in the world, so what does it matter to this list if a majority of teams in the sport aren't controlled by him.  A guy like Anschutz has way more power than Blatter would given that he owns several teams, venues and other ancillary entities connected to sports.  Someone like Goodell has pretty heavy control of every team in the NFL.  I'm pretty sure there are other figures in Soccer that have more pull than Blatter does in fact considering most of Blatters influence appears to be on national teams.  Sounds like he's the head of the IOC, only for Soccer.  The head of FIBA is nowhere near the most powerful man in Basketball. Even though Soccer is the most popular sport, it's also very dispersed.  I can see why Blatter isn't anywhere near the top ten.  I think people are getting butthurt more about the US attitude towards soccer than actually considering how much pull a guy like Blatter has.  This isn't a list about popularity.

The Thread Killer site profile image  

3/7/13 10:02 AM by The Thread Killer

Yet he still is ignored at the Lakers game.

chllr site profile image  

3/7/13 6:46 AM by chllr

To call the head of a sport that's massively popular in one country and insignificant in others the most powerful person in sports is bullshit. ***Missed half a sentence in my stoned stupor.