Rousey: 'I think my filter button is broken'


Ronda Rousey:

A lot of people have some preconceived notions of what I should be like..and I don't know...a lot of people are like 'wow, your not a jerk', when I meet them

I just try to be myself as much as possible. I'm not trying to be particularly soft or particularly tough. I'm just trying to be as honest as possible, because I'm not creative enough to be a good liar. Sometimes people can't answers they don't expect, because I think my filter button is broken

I don't think of it as being vulgar of anything. I'm refreshingly unfiltered. That's why I like to call it.


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fishyfish site profile image  

3/10/13 12:52 PM by fishyfish

young folks generally have more energy, and so agression is an asset that channels this energy.  for fighting, that's a good thing.  she'll have plenty of time to develop her poise and filter button as she matures.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

3/10/13 11:59 AM by chaplinshouse

on fighting "emotionless."  i bet if some female diaz came along, bitch slapped her while saying "how do u like THAT bitch???"  there is no way in hell Ronda wouldn't get emotionally caught up in it.  

ReadytwoRoll site profile image  

3/8/13 10:25 PM by ReadytwoRoll

As long as she backs up her words.She should expose this Sandy Hook conspiracy next...

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh site profile image  

3/8/13 9:50 PM by ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh

What? I think you misunderstood or misinterpreted what I said

ASBELTOMATO site profile image  

3/8/13 9:48 PM by ASBELTOMATO

rousey should make a workout dvd or something and make infomercials to market it. ufc could sponsor that. just a thought to make the bill$$$.

soremano site profile image  

3/8/13 7:58 PM by soremano

so every successful UFC fighter should not be 'aggressive' ? or is that just reserved for Ronda

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

3/8/13 7:57 PM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

It's an act, I agree. The mean mugging, the "intense" staredown, the trash talk, etc. Her mentor is Judo Gene and I know she get her nickename from Roddy Piper and talked to him about it. She definitley has been taught a thing or two about self-promotion, hype, selling herself and her fights, etc by Gene and Roddy. Nothing wrong with that either

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh site profile image  

3/8/13 7:50 PM by ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh

Don't get me wrong - Rousey's a beast.  I dunno, I just think that given her dominance and how smooth her life seems to be, she doesn't really need to be as aggressive as she is. Although what do I know, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.

soremano site profile image  

3/8/13 7:48 PM by soremano

she is just naturally alpha

JuicedBeast site profile image  

3/8/13 7:43 PM by JuicedBeast

Haha! Nice!