Jon Fitch: Always an issue between UFC & me, I felt the cut coming


Welterweight Jon Fitch appeared on On Friday's edition of "Inside MMA" and discussed for the first time his release by the UFC.

"It was a surprise, but not really," said Fitch. "I've always felt there was some kind of issue between the UFC and me; I never understood what it was. I felt like - I never really felt like they were happy with me, they never talked to me or explained anything to me about how they felt or where they stood, so it was a surprise in that sense, but it wasn't a surprise in that I kind of felt it coming."

What do you think UG? What was "the issue"?

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GARRYD site profile image  

3/11/13 2:55 PM by GARRYD

Fitch is as dull as ditch water !

jimbonice site profile image  

3/11/13 2:47 PM by jimbonice

Dfw fucked John over. Dana's presser where he announced it was an embarrassing and near incoherent rationalization for baldy.

Brian J DSouza site profile image  

3/11/13 1:23 PM by Brian J DSouza

Look at boxing with Bernard Hopkins proving himself over the course of years of different fights. The powers in boxing didn't like Bernard because he wasn't flashy, good looking, a KO artist or exciting. Doesn't mean Hopkins should be blackballed from holding major titles or having major fights (snooze-fests or not). Hopkins really impressed against Tito, Pavlik, and Tarver. Had some great, great tactical fights. Fitch, Lindland, Duffee were all made examples of for not going along.  

FearTheClown site profile image  

3/10/13 11:22 PM by FearTheClown

I think Hector Lombard is a great, exciting fighter, he just needs to find his stride in the octagon. Give him some more time and I think he will earn his keep in the UFC. I think that's what will happen too. Joe SIlva and Dana White will give the guy a chance to improve. Fitch had his chance, he was with the UFC for 8 years and showed no signs of evolving into a finisher and didn't show a great deal of improvement in his striking he just relied on the same old trick every time.

Mit site profile image  

3/10/13 10:30 PM by Mit

Sorry I shouldn't say all, but you certainly know what I mean. I really appreciate the technical aspect that Fitch brings to a fight.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

3/10/13 10:21 PM by PrettyBoy

The UFC should not have the likeness rights of fighters other than what is needed to promote events which they are scheduled to fight. They should have to pay for anything additional.Firing people for that should show clearly what a bully organization they are. People think Bellator is bad because they matched Alvarez off yet put their head in the same when UFC has been bending fighters over for years.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

3/10/13 10:18 PM by PrettyBoy


Authority Figure site profile image  

3/10/13 6:37 PM by Authority Figure

What say Planet Earth?

Sprawl'n'Stall site profile image  

3/10/13 6:31 PM by Sprawl'n'Stall

"I realize boxing isn't always a slug fest but if you don't think Fitch is technical and advancing in position then you don't know Bjj. I like a fight where guys are working to advance position....Fitch did that most of the time."In MMA, you just don't work to advance positions, you try to get a sub or inflict damage with that position. Hey everybody's got an opinion, and you got yours. But a LOT of people on the UG find Fitch boring and blame him for not trying to finish. You think we're all uneducated idiots that only want "boxing slugfests"???

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

3/10/13 6:30 PM by ranier wolfcastle

i think we'll see fitch finish some guys there