Stefan Struve finally got surgery, 10 days after break


At last Saturday's UFC on FUEL 8 on Saturday, March 2 in Japan, Stefan Struve got his jaw broken by Mark Hunt. He was taken to the hospital in Japan, had his jaw wired shut, and then headed home to Holland for surgery.

He arrived in Holland on Monday, and anticipated surgery Tuesday. When the surgery was delayed until Friday, he described the wait as brutal. Then it was delayed again, for today.

Struve started tweeting from the hospital early Sunday morning:

Stefan Struve@StefanStruve • Sunday, 3 March
Wired my jaw in the hospital here and flying back tomorrow to get surgery as soon as we land monday in Holland, thnx for the great care @ufc

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Sunday, 3 March
Flyin Home with a face like a ballon

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Monday, 4 March
One last flight, Munich - Amsterdam Almost Home :)

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Monday, 4 March
Home sweet Home Holland, happy to be back!

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Monday, 4 March
Almost 4 am, jetlag time :0

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Tuesday, 5 March
3 days to find out if I have a hospital bacteria from Japan before they can do surgery on the jaw, wow this is gonna suck!!

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Tuesday, 5 March
I counted on getting surgey today, waiting for another 3 days is gonna suck soooooo bad, this is brutal

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Wednesday, 6 March
Fun fact, well for you guys.. :p Mark broke my jaw about 5 secs before the last 2 punches landed, the last left knocked a tooth in my cheek

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Wednesday, 6 March
Different angle :0

Dana White @danawhite • Wednesday, 6 March
@StefanStruve how u feeling big guy

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Wednesday, 6 March
@danawhite ok with painkillers and lots of sleep, waitin for surgery.. They need 2 make sure I don't have a hospital bacteria from Japan 1st

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Wednesday, 6 March
 just didn't have it that night, normally my cardio is one of my best weapons.

Dana White @danawhite • Wednesday, 6 March
@StefanStruve u will come back u always do. #kingofthecomeback

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Wednesday, 6 March
@danawhite don't call it a comeback haha I will be back before you know it! And I promise that it will be as entertaining as always :)

Dana White @danawhite • Wednesday, 6 March
@StefanStruve u are the man!!!

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Wednesday, 6 March
I will Fight within 5 or 6 months, I don't like long breaks lol ;)

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Thursday, 7 March
Since I won't be able to take the fight n @markhunt1974 really wants it, I say give him the fight w Junior, deserves it! #rallyformarkhunt

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Friday, 7 March
Still waiting to get my jaw fixed, hopefully everything will be cleared for surgery on monday. #fingerscrossed

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Wednesday, March 13
On my way to the hospital to finally get surgery on my jaw done, back to being in 1 piece today :) let's do this!

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve • Wednesday, March 13
Just back from surgery and it feel great to have it fixed! Be ready to go in about 5 months

The UG wishes Stefan Struve a full recovery, fast.


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kevsh site profile image  

3/13/13 12:57 PM by kevsh

I don't know his camp from a hole in the ground but I've been saying for the past few fights that he's clearly getting really bad advice. Okay, either that or he's just not listening. Whatever the case he needs to make some serious changes or he'll be a gatekeeper at best for the rest of his UFC career.

Leghound site profile image  

3/12/13 4:42 PM by Leghound

Anyone know if he got the surgery?

madmaxej9 site profile image  

3/12/13 1:54 AM by madmaxej9

100% agree.I love Stefan, he's a very nice kid and has huge potential. but man, that Hunt fight just showed how much he still needs to learn. It's a tragedy that some people still congratulate him on how tough he his and yada yada, warrior, yada yada. For god's sake, if you are 1,5 feet taller than someone else, that person should not be able to freaking touch you. I 100% absolutely guarantee you that if he had used body kicks (kicks to Hunt's forearms) and head kicks only in the first round, he would have won this fight without a scratch on his face..

Bucephalus site profile image  

3/12/13 1:39 AM by Bucephalus

The fuck?! No balloon face pics?

Fabefromfort site profile image  

3/11/13 10:53 PM by Fabefromfort

I ve been a fight fan for over 40 years. I love all the combat sports. I have never seen anything as dumb as the fight Struve fought with Hunt. Are you serious ? I've always said there is next to no trainers or, corners in MMA, even the UFC. Virtually nothing, and this fight proved it beyond anything you can shake a stick at. Struve is a 7 foot kid, right ? He is vying for a shot at the heavywedight championship. He has a good outside game, very good. Mark Hunt is 5 foot 10. Should'nt he just pick him apart from the outside. Soften him up, then put Hunt away ? Isn't Hunt one of the most dangerous one shot KO monsters of the K1, and Pride fighting championships ? Why walk him down ?. Make him chase you ! You know he is out of shape, make him gas a bit. Stick and move, see if you can land a foot or two, home run shot. Stick and move, chop chop chop... bam !!! I undoubtedly will see things dumber, as there is sooo much dumbshit people in MMA that know nothing about fighting, and fighters even in the UFC sometimes are dumber than stumps.

FinestScotch site profile image  

3/11/13 10:08 PM by FinestScotch

I know Struve says he doesn't like long breaks, but I hope he takes at least 9 months off after this one.

Fedors Jim Jams site profile image  

3/11/13 5:24 PM by Fedors Jim Jams

so you wanna be a ufc heavyweight figher?

theken206 site profile image  

3/11/13 5:10 PM by theken206

Damn poor struve! Dude is tough as nails lol.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

3/11/13 4:15 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Used to not like Struve but I have to respect him. He's tough and always brings it