Freddie Roach: Walk forward with Nick Diaz and he'll kill you


Sometime trainer to GSP Freddie Roach offered some interesting words on Nick Diaz.

"He's a tough guy, ok," said Roach. "He won't tap out and he's a tough guy. I've never met the person. He might be one of the better punchers in UFC, but he doesn't fight like a fighter. He doesn't shuffle in his combinations and doesn't put any power behind his shots. He walks forward in a straight line and he walks backward in a straight line.

"I'm not really that impressed with his boxing. But, a lot of the UFC guys are from a different background than a boxing program. Most of them are wrestlers and they are more comfortable with the ground game. I'm training "Shogun" Rua right now and he's punching like crazy right now. He can hit with both hands. But, when I first got him, he hit like a girl."

"So Diaz, he walks forward with combinations. If you walk forward in a straight line he will kill you. But, the thing is that you just can't let him do that. You can't give him momentum."

Transcription by MMAMania


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bknumber1 site profile image  

3/16/13 9:31 PM by bknumber1

Hope you saw that last fight in case you thought what I said was an opinion vice something fighters trane for. Ossss!

FingerorMoon site profile image  

3/16/13 9:15 PM by FingerorMoon

Freddie Roach knows.And he has now been training MMA fighters in striking for longer than many people on this forum have been watching the sport.Just because he doesn't train grappling doesn't mean he doesn't have an understanding as to what's going on.

bigheadrhino site profile image  

3/16/13 8:13 PM by bigheadrhino

Nothing wrong with what freddie said. I think hitting like a girl was in reference to his form. Shogun's punching form has always been sloppy, doesn't mean he sidnt hit hard in a fight.

Subvertir site profile image  

3/16/13 6:23 PM by Subvertir

Shogun has crisp muay thai and extremely powerful leg kicks but his boxing has never been exceptional. When he says "hit like a girl" he just means that Shogun threw arm punches, and that's completely true - particularly when he gets tired. There's a lot of tape out there to back this up. Make no mistake, though - arm punches from a guy like Shogun can still ruin your day.

fightharder site profile image  

3/16/13 6:21 PM by fightharder

Perhaps not be he has a way better grasp of distance,is a lot better to fluid move in and out and take down Diaz at fucking random. Diaz is not going to KO with a power punch. GSP will not let him tag him repeatedly because he would just take his ass down.   So perhaps not the same lateral movement as Condit but a far better tool kit to deal with Diaz then just lateral movement.

GTFOOHWTBS site profile image  

3/16/13 6:19 PM by GTFOOHWTBS

lololol. vtfu.

fightharder site profile image  

3/16/13 6:18 PM by fightharder

Yes this dude does not know what he is talking about. I mean what the fuck was i thinking listining to this Freddie Roach person talking about boxing of all this.   Sarcasm? Otherwise get the fuck out of here.

ajc1984 site profile image  

3/16/13 6:04 PM by ajc1984

That's one girl I wouldn't want to get hit by...

epic hero site profile image  

3/16/13 5:38 PM by epic hero

...this, watch the interview and look at the context

chaplinshouse site profile image  

3/16/13 5:29 PM by chaplinshouse

if this interview wasn't just before the big diaz fight, the UG headline would have been   UnderGround Forum >> Freddie Roach: Shogun hit like a girl