UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen preview


UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones defends his title against trash-talking king Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 in Newark, New Jersey.

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Thingading site profile image  

3/18/13 8:00 PM by Thingading

I agree - they need to bring those commericials back. They were awesome. Whenever I saw a really bad commercial I would wait and wonder if that bunny would come out. Sometimes it would and sometimes it didn't and the commercial just seriously blew.At first, I actually thought the promo for this fight was a troll job until about halfway through. With all the talk about Zuffa letting some of its fighters go, maybe they have let some of their marketing folks go, too. This is an embarrassing promo.I wonder if a country version of "Rock You Like a Hurricane" will be used for UFC 160.

onandon site profile image  

3/18/13 7:46 PM by onandon

Holy shit that is a horrible promo.

BJ_Penmanship site profile image  

3/18/13 7:44 PM by BJ_Penmanship

Are they still trying to convince us that this fight will actually happen..?? Or is this horribly shitetastic song a nod to a ridiculous troll gone too far?

RickStorm site profile image  

3/18/13 4:45 PM by RickStorm

LOL I remember those!!

Lazer MMA site profile image  

3/18/13 4:44 PM by Lazer MMA

LOL at calling it a "fight"!

r_o_y site profile image  

3/18/13 4:42 PM by r_o_y

Lol at that song and this fight

Pacinko site profile image  

3/18/13 4:37 PM by Pacinko

lol at this fight

idsmashit site profile image  

3/18/13 4:29 PM by idsmashit

worst UFC promo ive seen

Jack Dans site profile image  

3/18/13 3:33 PM by Jack Dans

good call .  i forgot all about the energizer bunny trolling ppl they need to bring that shit back