Nick Diaz cryptic tweets, pics by police cruiser


Some cryptic messages recently appeared on Nick Diaz's Twitter and Instagram accounts.

10:58 p.m. PT on March 17, 2013

Nick Diaz @NickDiaz

Fuck they got us:(

Yes i am on the sidewalk :/

We lost Alix and Vic reported that Diaz was a passenger in a car that was stopped by the police in Citrus Heights, CA around 11 p.m. PT, for traveled the wrong way down a one-way street. Diaz was a passenger only.

The driver of the car was arrested at the scene as he had his license checked and an outstanding misdemeanor warrant was found.  A second occupant in the car was found to be in possession of concentrated cannabis, and was also arrested.

Diaz was very cooperative and complicit with police requests as they conducted their investigation, and he was released at the scene.


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SaintVon Barksdale site profile image  

3/19/13 6:30 AM by SaintVon Barksdale

Yo B-Hop, is it true they called you Soapy in the joint

hiptosser site profile image  

3/19/13 1:22 AM by hiptosser

Wolf taxes home boy and I ain't paying any

BernardHopkins site profile image  

3/18/13 11:18 PM by BernardHopkins

so many entertainers have been caught up with tax issuesi believe mayweather may have had his own problems if i am not mistakenwhile i think its weird that the ufc could issue tax-free checks, i wouldnt be surprised if its truei dont know what its like to get a $1mil check for 1 night of work, so no telling what really happens.diaz is a cali resident but makes most of his income in other states. maybe he does get a tax free check and its up to him to pay. but then again, making money in vegas or canada, but paying state taxes to cali would be weird toowho knows.

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

3/18/13 10:50 PM by GladiatorGannon

Do MBAseven have "majors"? I thought that was for undergraduate degrees. Also he can't spell "cheque" properly (or even "fighter" in his own SN), so I'm going to take his tax advice with a grain of salt.

kizzy site profile image  

3/18/13 10:26 PM by kizzy

Ok guy, of course some 1 like you would go there with the key board I won't even comment back I fight real fights not threats with posts.Your not GSP so stop dickriding

Enemies site profile image  

3/18/13 10:03 PM by Enemies

This just in.Apparently Nick got off with just a warning but Alix and Vic got hit with wolf tickets.

Papi Chingon site profile image  

3/18/13 9:57 PM by Papi Chingon

I remember Cerrone talking about that too. He was asked what toys he'd be buying with his bonus (maybe even a double bonus?) check and he said he was send all of it straight to the IRS since he owed a lot of money.

Carl Sonnen site profile image  

3/18/13 9:08 PM by Carl Sonnen

The Citrus Heights police are pretty uptight, so he is lucky they didn't hassle him more. I lived there for a few years and my opinion of them is quite low. There was no way he was driving through Citrus Heights randomly back from the airport to Stockton. You just drive south on the freeway back to Stockton, not through town. I lived in Stockton for a long time also. If they had oil on them, they probably stopped by one of the cannabis clubs on their way home. Sacramento has some good clubs left, even after the pheds raided a bunch of shops last year. There are only a few one way streets I can even think of around there and they are over by the city hall and police station, a few blocks from where I used to live. Call me next time for a ride home, Nick. Also, I do taxes, lol.

BruceWayne23 site profile image  

3/18/13 8:56 PM by BruceWayne23


Kneeblock site profile image  

3/18/13 8:53 PM by Kneeblock

Woof ticket