Dolce: Sonnen 'to beat the piss out of Jon Jones'


Famed nutrition coach Mike Dolce recently spoke to radio about how Chael Sonnen is progressing in his training camp for his bout with Jon Jones:

"If the world were able to see what’s going on in training camp -- how he's looking, how he’s performing -- I think [the] odds would change really quick. But what they’re doing, what most people do, is they look at his last year or so, his last fight and they write him off as a result of that. They look at maybe some headlines and they write him off as a result of that.... Chael's 10 years older, and it’s the big brother mentality, you know? Chael's been beating up guys like Jon Jones his whole life, his whole career, and that’s the mentality we have going into it. He’s going to beat the piss out of Jon Jones for 25 minutes no matter what....

It’s going to be a nasty machine, and we’re training Chael for 25 minutes of non-stop aggression; no matter what gets broken, no matter what gets ripped open, no matter what part of his body gets torn off, no matter how much blood is there, no matter how many bones crack. We are pushing him and training him to power through that, and I don’t think Jon is prepared to power through that.... Chael's going to walk across the cage to give Jon Jones a big ole' wedgie, and freaking give him a noogie, and Jon’s not going to be able to do anything about it. That’s the type of fight we're looking for."

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Poindexter site profile image  

3/20/13 11:41 PM by Poindexter

I think it is meant to taunt and subtly belittle you.

BernardHopkins site profile image  

3/20/13 11:21 PM by BernardHopkins

<blockquote>MainelyBJJ - <blockquote>BernardHopkins - chae<p>  </p><p> Where is he ranked? </p><p>  </p><p> Jeeeeshhhhh</p><p>  </p><p>  </p></blockquote><br />yea i take that part back<br /><br />i dont mean he isnt a top level fighter, i just mean he wont ever beat the "real" top guys<br /><br FUCK WHY IS THERE EVEN AN EDIT OPTION FOR MUD NAMES IF THIS IS WHAT IT DOES

RileyPust site profile image  

3/20/13 11:14 PM by RileyPust

If he catches you wearing white after Labour Day you can expect some highly critical PMs.

donkey guard site profile image  

3/20/13 11:10 PM by donkey guard

That's entertainment. Make us believe chael can last 5 mins. Jon might carry him for an extra round.

ramaham site profile image  

3/20/13 11:06 PM by ramaham

Maybe I'm on crack...but i'm gonna say chael sonnen by wrestle fuck decision...

inf0 site profile image  

3/20/13 10:47 PM by inf0

FunDeath4u posts with the dominating fashion.  

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

3/20/13 10:45 PM by Reed Rothchild

Sonnen by triangle

Immaculata site profile image  

3/20/13 10:40 PM by Immaculata


CharlesLewis site profile image  

3/20/13 10:36 PM by CharlesLewis

Tune in next year when the UFC hype machine tries to sell Chael as a legit threat to the heavyweight belt...

le site profile image  

3/20/13 10:31 PM by le

Should have quoted FunDeath4u.