Hendricks' hand not broken, wants GSP in August


However, three days after the event, Hendricks revealed his hand is free of major injuries and he will be ready to challenge reigning 170-pound kingpin Georges St. Pierre for the title whenever the champion is ready to return to mixed martial arts (MMA) action (he prefers August).

Ariel Helwani provided the following update on Hendricks' health on Tuesday's (March 19, 2013) edition of "UFC Tonight" on FUEL TV:

"Of course he had the big win on Saturday night, and after the win over Carlos Condit, he told us that he was afraid he may have broken his dangerous left hand. Well, that does not appear to be the case. I spoke to him today and he said he thinks what happened was he dislocated a couple of fingers early in the fight and then as the fight went on --of course it went the full 15-minutes-- it popped back into place. That's why he was feeling so much pain after the fight but right now he doesn't think he broke his hand and he's going to have an x-ray just to make sure everything's okay, but he's pretty confident there was no break. He's hoping that he'll get the title shot against GSP in August. He says he'll take it anywhere, anyplace, anytime. He's really still on cloud nine after getting the shot, he's in such a good mood right now."

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hogh20 site profile image  

3/20/13 5:23 PM by hogh20

If you paid attention, you would have read where Johnny said his hand hurt like hell. Have you ever dislocated fingers and then popped them back in? I have, and it hurts like a mothereffer.

SupesUp site profile image  

3/20/13 9:40 AM by SupesUp

My guess is September and nothing will get announced until after the anderson fight.

kkmmnn site profile image  

3/20/13 9:25 AM by kkmmnn

if his hand wasn't broken, what's his excuse for fading so terribly in the third?he's an exciting fighter but GSP is gonna dominate him. GSP smoked Diaz on the feet, i don't think he'll have any trouble fighting a left hook. anytime Hendricks charges it's just going to be level change/double leg.

bryanand site profile image  

3/20/13 9:11 AM by bryanand

My guess is Dana will want this fight for 4th of July weekend. The UFC targets a few UFC's a year to be bigger events, SuperBowl weekend and 4th of July weekend are 2 of them.

Willy the Coyote site profile image  

3/20/13 8:58 AM by Willy the Coyote

Yes he should, Pancake, yes he should.

Pancake Syrup site profile image  

3/20/13 7:05 AM by Pancake Syrup

Dana should reward us Boston folk with a card in Boston and GSP-Hendricks as the headliner :)

Willy the Coyote site profile image  

3/20/13 5:59 AM by Willy the Coyote

I'm not surprised. You don't throw bombs like that with a broken hand.Are people really using Georges' major knee surgery as a knock against him right now?

SignsOfChaos site profile image  

3/20/13 3:14 AM by SignsOfChaos

Yeah.....rehabbing from ACL surgery is a dream vacation and the ultimate in "time off"

IKossedLawlersSalad site profile image  

3/20/13 2:15 AM by IKossedLawlersSalad

GSP is getting tagged a little more then usual as of late. Hendricks needs to bring the fight, show no respect.

Chiron site profile image  

3/20/13 2:12 AM by Chiron

Dude, it's 5 months from now! Don't act like they want him to fight again in 3 months. Plus, even before the 18 months GSP had off for the injury he was one of the more inactive champions. Expecting him to fight 5 months from now is perfectly reasonable.