Johnson stands behind his team, The Blackzilians

by Damon Martin |

Anthony Johnson is scheduled to compete against Andrei Arlovski this weekend at the World Series of Fighting, at heavyweight. Johnson has previously competed as low as welterweight. Johnson, a member of Florida's 'The Blackzilians', recently spoke to Damon Martin of B/R, and defended his team, which recently has been criticized after losing some high profile bouts.

"In this sport, you're going to have your losses. That's just the name of the sport, nobody can stay on top forever," Johnson told Bleacher Report. "Even though we've had our losses, the team still trains hard and we still do our best and that's all that matters. We don't care about what everybody says. We know people are going to talk—let them talk, and we just keep it moving. You win some, you lose some; it's all about can you bounce back."

"The world is built around being negative whenever something goes wrong. We're not negative on each other," said Johnson. "If one person loses, we all lose. We don't see it as 'oh, that guy lost'—no, we see it as we all lost. It's a team thing, a family thing. No matter what, though, we keep pushing.

"We don't care about what anybody has to say."

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RyannVonDoom site profile image  

3/21/13 9:28 AM by RyannVonDoom

He's still bigger than arlovski...

fight4right site profile image  

3/21/13 8:30 AM by fight4right

"You win some, you lose some."They need to go on an epic win streak to get to this level

KidPittsburgh site profile image  

3/21/13 7:42 AM by KidPittsburgh

me too, man. Me too.

Stephen Holder site profile image  

3/21/13 7:38 AM by Stephen Holder

For Anthony Jhonson if he wins, I could see it and its probably even likely. For AA, I doubt it after Dana said a win over Jhonson would be next to meaningless considering that hes not even really a heavyweight.

CREason good fighters lose site profile image  

3/21/13 6:24 AM by CREason good fighters lose

Anyone else feel like the Arlovski fight is karmic justice?Johnson is a guy who cut so much weight he was abusing much smaller fighters, often concussing them.Now at Heavyweight vs. Arlovski he is in a position to take some damage.

darwinsmunky site profile image  

3/21/13 6:17 AM by darwinsmunky

When i think of this camp and all of the elite lvl of fighters involved, i worry more about the level of coaching than anything else. Is there a father figure so to speak in this camp as far as training? Is there a leader? You have an unbelievable amount of talent at this camp, but without a mickey, you aint worth shit.

vaginal tear site profile image  

3/20/13 12:12 PM by vaginal tear

On Sunday it'll be. "I'm done with that shit in Florida. I'm headed to aka".

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

3/20/13 11:59 AM by ChaosOverkill

"We don't care what anybody says"    Seems like a collection of guys who refuse to take any advice and think they have all the answers because people have criticized them and they get butthurt

Fraser_Finlay site profile image  

3/20/13 11:41 AM by Fraser_Finlay

I would love to see the winner of this one back in the UFC.Unless AJ looks incredible in this fight I think he should go back down to 205 or maybe even 185lbs.It will be interesting to see if AJ can break the streak and finally get a win for The Blackzillians. The last Blackzillian that won was Belfort, right?

hubris site profile image  

3/20/13 11:37 AM by hubris

it's amazing how often he fought smaller fighters in the UFC