Marcus Davis: Fighting has shortened my lifespan


Marcus "The Irish Handgrenade" Davis recently appeared on MMAJunkie Radio for a wide-ranging interview, that included the dangers of 20 years of professional fighting in boxing, kickboxing, and MMA.

"If you think all those fights haven't shortened my life span ... I'm a realist," said Davis. "But it's no different than somebody's choice to pick up a cigarette and smoke, or pick up a beer and drink and kill some brain cells.

"My choice was that I am on this earth to fight. I chose MMA to be the business that I was involved in. That's how I cared for my family. I accept the fact that this is what I've done, and I don't want to change a damn thing about it."

"I don't believe I'm a guy that's something different or special. I just believe that the doors have been laid in front of me, whether you believe in God or not, and I've walked through the doors and made some good decisions on doing some things, and I enjoy doing them."

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TuLegit site profile image  

3/22/13 2:21 PM by TuLegit

It's good to see a bad dude like him have no regrets about fighting.

bignightmare site profile image  

3/22/13 1:50 PM by bignightmare

Marcus Davis is the man. He is living his dream and destiny and anyone that says he isnt good at this is an idiot that has never trained. This is a tough sport and it is even tougher as a living. He has made it. I appreciate he takes a responsible outlook and takes accountability. Anyone that has been around knows that this is not a road but a toll road.

JOB site profile image  

3/22/13 1:21 PM by JOB

Marcus is a good guy, and in amazing shape for his age. He's almost 40! He's battle scarred for sure.

SonnendbySilva site profile image  

3/22/13 1:11 PM by SonnendbySilva

It's welsh people that shag sheep. (Apparently)But seriously I hope this was a joke. Real arsehole thing to say. A guy puts his body on the line in every fight he has and some knob cheese disrespects him like this? How many awards have u received in your job/hobby?

chaplinshouse site profile image  

3/22/13 1:00 PM by chaplinshouse

i guess that's why your fellow scottsman are ill represented in mma?  stick to sheep bangin! 

iPullMount site profile image  

3/22/13 12:49 PM by iPullMount

I was gonna respond to the comment, but Kirik said it better then I could. Davis a one hell of a fighter, and the reason I got into MMA. His fight with Lytle was the first MMA fight I ever saw and I fell in love with the sport.

The Last Emperor site profile image  

3/22/13 12:43 PM by The Last Emperor

I've had one serious concussion in my life after I flipped an ATV and my head hit a tree, and I still have random dizzy spells and headaches because of it. I can't imagine what MMA fighters go through for their sacrifices. Props to Marcus Davis and ALL mixed martial artists for doing what they do.

Jaybrone site profile image  

3/22/13 12:36 PM by Jaybrone

Sadly I think it is just an example of a jackass proliferating the UG.

Herman Munster site profile image  

3/22/13 11:50 AM by Herman Munster

Hopefully GSP will know what it's like to have that perspective after his career.   It's all about being a warrrrior in the moment man.  Fuck the rest of your life man.  The fans rip the PPV off the Internet for free, some even pay $50 PPV, they are entitled to seeing you end up with brain damage one day damn it.  "Just Bleed"