Belcher: Bisping couldn't KO me if I let him hit me with his best punch


"This fight is just like, you know, the biggest fight of my life," Belcher admitted during a pre-fight interview with "We both have a lot on the line for this one, we're both getting close to a title shot, so a loss could be detrimental..."

There is certainly a great deal riding on the outcome of the match, and Belcher plans on making the most of the opportunity. He sees himself cashing in because of his perceived overall skill advantage as well as his power.

I think that my skill-set and all the different weapons I have, along with my power, is going to be the difference in the fight. I have no doubt in my mind that Bisping could not knock me out with his best punch if I let him. There's no way that I am going to get hurt in this fight and that I'm going to go down.

Though Bisping isn't exactly known for his punching power, he may object to the assumption that Belcher is the much harder hitter, given that he owns 14 knockouts over 28 career fights to Belcher's nine over 25 bouts.

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3/23/13 6:44 PM by JunkieDog

Totally agree about Belcher turning the corner. He certainly had unfortunate injuries at crucial times that have hindered his advancement.I think people are sleeping on Belcher. He has as good ashot as any against Silva... far better than a pitter patter machine like Bisping does.Belcher via brutal KO rd. 2.

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you'd recoil in terror if you bumped into Jesus Quintana in a dark alley. 'please take my iPhone, just don't hurt me!!!!!' - you

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Dumbest statement ever

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you'd recoil in terror if you bumped into a blind 7 year old in a dark alley."please take my boyfriend, just don't hurt me!!!!!" - you

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Battle of the perennial gatekeepers, IMO.

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I only act like an asshole if people are being douchey. Dickweed above gave me a hard time for POSTING. If you think that he is correct in deciding what threads other people can post in then you ar an asshole too. At least my post was on topic and contributed to the discussion which is less than I can say for you two. He's a known forum troll, so I wouldn't be surprised if you are one and the same based on your sign up date. You just earned yourself a VTFD.Have a nice day!

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haha agreed

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Represent Arkansas!