Celeste: To be honest, I’m pretty vain


UFC ring card girl Arianny Celeste is featured in this months UFC 360 magazine, available now on news stands and in digital edition. Celeste answers question that most MMA fans might be interested to know, mostly about her body:

What is the most attractive muscle or body part on a guy?
The most attractive part are the hip flexors, right? ’Cause it is connected to everything else. [Laughs] What? I’m older now. I can talk about it! I’m not a virgin, so…

What body part of yours do you work out most in the gym?
Well, I’m very petite, so I have to work on my bum and my legs all the time. Probably every day. That is my main focus.

How do you stay motivated to stay in shape?
I guess, to be honest, I’m pretty vain. I’m not gonna lie, I like to look good. I like to feel good. I think the first part of looking good is getting in the gym every morning. Even if you eat a cheeseburger the night before, getting in the gym just clears your head and makes you feel okay about that cheeseburger.

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Kid_dynamite319 site profile image  

3/27/13 1:47 PM by Kid_dynamite319

A pretty girl is vain ... shocker! O.O insert nicholas cage meme!

bmoney site profile image  

3/27/13 12:57 PM by bmoney

I agree with you that there is a difference between bad-mouthing her and bad-mouthing the fact that she is in the news, when other items that should be, are clearly ignored.I am in no way defending/condoning any "filthy wh*re" type comments. My point was that a lot of comments on here are relate to the fact that people don't care what she has to say, especially when other news worthy events clearly trump her interview.Plus, any such "filthy wh*re" comments were actually made after your post that I referenced before.

mulder68 site profile image  

3/27/13 12:07 PM by mulder68

But there is a significant difference between having an issue with something and calling somebody a filthy whore.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

3/27/13 8:02 AM by Lazer MMA

http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&thread=2152092&page=11 day ago - The best of PRIDe all episodes = 1900 views1 day - this crap = 15K views

w9 site profile image  

3/27/13 7:49 AM by w9

Vain - and very, very boring.

HarmichaelKunt site profile image  

3/27/13 7:46 AM by HarmichaelKunt

Haha yes

I Am Spoonbender site profile image  

3/27/13 7:44 AM by I Am Spoonbender

this place is going downhill. threads are getting worse.

bmoney site profile image  

3/27/13 7:36 AM by bmoney

@mulder68 "there is obviously a lot of interest in her of there wouldn't be articles about her"That's why a lot of people take issue to this. Most people couldn't care less about articles about a ring girl's vanity, when MMA news items that people are interested in, specifically Lloyd Irvin, are clearly being ignored.

fightharder site profile image  

3/27/13 7:16 AM by fightharder

Damm dude thats a little harsh... Hookers have feelings too.I dont give shit about what a girl does for her money. Just dont be a bitch.Or stupendously stupid.Unfortunately Miss Celeste often comes across as somewhat dimwitted and often bitchy.That's where my problems with Miss Celeste lie. She is still a hottie even ( even with the boy ass).

LOAN VIPER site profile image  

3/27/13 6:49 AM by LOAN VIPER

I really don't have any respect for a Whore who will have sex with anything for a dollar amount.Or will let people shit on them for a dollar amount. That is the definition of human trash in my opinion