Zahabi: GSP made weight and had shorts on


Earlier this week a representive for Diaz's camp made a statement criticizing the Quebec Commission for it's actions surronding UFC 158. The statement alleged that a rule not counting the decimal point for a weigh in existed, in essence allowing either athlete to be up to .9lbs over the 170.0 lb. limit allowed by the unified rules of mixed martial arts for title bouts.

According to his primary coach, Firaz Zahabi, his fighter did make weight:

GSP made weight and he had his shorts on.”

That was the initial response of Firas Zahabi, head coach of UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, when asked about the statement released by former Vancouver Athletic Commission member and current Nick Diaz affiliate Jonathan Tweedale on Tuesday afternoon.

“I was told the decimal didn’t count, so we didn’t worry about it.,” Zahabi said via email earlier today. “I don’t see even .9 making a difference in a fight, so I didn’t give it any thought.”

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Lazer MMA site profile image  

3/30/13 8:39 AM by Lazer MMA

You are delusional or ignorant or both. It was refuted in any thread that Mersch is a proven liar per this independent source? ("We are still in the wake of the confusion surrounding a video that surfaced after UFC 158 of UFC Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs and Assistant General Counsel Michael Mersch telling the Nick Diaz camp that his fight with Georges St. Pierre that the Quebec commission "doesn't count decimals" when the fighters step on the scales. This meant, simply, that 170.9 would be considered the same thing as 170")Now think to yourself WHY he lie? Why he would deny saying what we know he said even per the independent source?How was this statement from the below independent source refuted?"The Quebec commission also claimed that this was standard practice for them, despite a history that certainly suggests otherwise"There is more here but I don't want to go further there is no need.This shit is shady PERIOD

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

3/30/13 8:24 AM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

They announced "169" for Diaz so your dreams are crushed....sorry

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

3/30/13 8:23 AM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

No the funniest thing of all is......You refuse to discuss why, if this Guy was just helping Diaz out, and there was nothing shady about what he said, did he flat out lie about and pretend the conversation never took place?????If it is normal procedure and MM was just helping out, why did he deny it ever happened????

Winston Wolf site profile image  

3/30/13 3:14 AM by Winston Wolf

Jonathan Tweedale, Nick Diaz's lawyer, contacted Bloody Elbow and exclusively provided very interesting text message transcripts from the evening of the weigh in, explaining "Given some of the media coverage, we need to set the record straight on the timing that the issue of the 0.9 was raised by Nick Diaz. The issue was pursued immediately. On the evening of March 15, Mike Mersch and I exchanged the following correspondence (via text message), in which he denied any knowledge of a .9 allowance or ignoring the decimal." Mersch, again, was the man in the video who informed the camp of the "no decimal" changes. Here is the text conversation between Tweedale (JDT) and Mersch (MM), which starts at 9:24 p.m.: JDT: "Hi Mike. Nick is curious about the .9 pound allowance at today's weigh-in for his championship bout. He doesn't want to be a nuisance about this, but he's a bit confused. Can you shed any light?" MM: "I don't know what you're talking about. All parties weighed in appropriately according [to] the Quebec Commission." JDT: "Of course. You're right, and he knows that. He just wanted to know why the Quebec Commission was okay with a 0.9 pound weight allowance for a championship fight. Nick's not going to make an issue of it, but it's been gnawing at him since it was explained to him at the weigh-ins, on an "off the record" basis or otherwise. I just want him to stop thinking about it, and thought you could provide some insight." MM: "I have been told everyone made weight so there's nothing to make an issue about. He might want to focus on how he's going to win the fight rather than spending the night making excuses about why he lost." The correspondence continued at 9:46 p.m.: JDT: "C'mon Mike you're just going to stonewall on this issue? We're reaching out in a discreet manner, as appropriate in the circumstances. Meet us half-way." MM: "Huh? The Commission determined both fighters weighed 170 or less. What am I supposed to do about that? I would think Nick would be excited to compete for the UFC Welterweight title. Seems like he's focused on the wrong issue." JDT: "No one wants you to *do* anything. If the answer is simply "the Quebec Commission permits a promoter to request that .9 pounds be rounded down in a championship fight (unlike, e.g., the Washington commission for Nate's fight), and Zuffa made that request here", then pls confirm. Far better to reach out this way than the uncooperative Twitter/media way." MM: "How would I know what the Quebec Commission does? I was informed everyone made weight like everyone else at the weigh in. Zuffa made no requests for anything from the Quebec Commission. Good luck to Nick with the fight." JDT: "Okay. I'll let Nick know that you can't shed any light on why Quebec treats 170.9 as 170 in a championship fight. Disappointing. Thanks for your time and your wish of luck to Nick for the fight." MM: "Again I have no idea what you're talking about. The Quebec Commission indicated both fighters were 170 or lower." JDT: "If you don't know then I should be asking someone else. No worries, Mike. Which UFC exec advised Nick and his entourage before the weigh-in that "If you're 170.2, you're 170. If you're 170.9, you're 170...that's a kinda off the record type of thing"?" MM: "I would think you'd direct that to the source: the Quebec Commission. The UFC has nothing to do with weigh ins in Quebec." Tweedale explained, "We appreciate that Mr. Mersch was in a difficult position, evidently having been instructed by the Quebec Commission to relay to Mr. Diaz some last-minute, unlawful 'rule changes' to give the hometown fighter a reprieve from his duty to make weight at 170 pounds.

Herpaderp site profile image  

3/29/13 10:05 PM by Herpaderp

UG blog your headline has failed again. what he said and what the headline implies he said are two completely different things.

Koga site profile image  

3/29/13 9:47 PM by Koga

Someone asked about dream outcomes. Mine is for the Quebec commission to reveal that Diaz was over 170 and to fine him putting some of his drug money in GSPs hands to reward GSP for having been all class while having to deal with this punk for the last year.Who is more likely to have missed weight, Diaz who has missed weight before and been suspended or dropped from fights several times for drugs and other infractions (and should have been banned for the Strikeforce brawl) or GSP?

orcus site profile image  

3/29/13 6:54 PM by orcus

Lazer, why don't you go complain about all the Vegas title fights, all of them had weights rounded down. It will keep you occupied for awhile so we won't have to read your nonsense here. There is nothing in those quotes you posted that means anything. Each one has been refuted about a million times in this and every thread.

Internettufguy site profile image  

3/29/13 6:31 PM by Internettufguy

Most!?!?! There are like six of you guys making it an issue! Same six people or so in every one of those threads. The hundreds, if not thousands of other UGers are ignoring as another round of Diaz BS and a non-issue.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

3/29/13 4:09 PM by Lazer MMA

Oh what that was said overrides this post? Yes i posted this in 1 other place but the data is pertinent.Nothing you can say can make this situation not shady. What do you dispute in the source?

orcus site profile image  

3/29/13 4:05 PM by orcus

Lazer likes to stick to his tried and true cut and paste jobs rather than pay attention to anything at all else that has been said on the topic.