Condit: GSP will beat Hendricks


Carlos Condit has a unique perspective on the next welterweight title fight, having fought and lost bouts to both the champion, Georges St-Pierre and challenger Johny Hendricks.

Former interim UFC welterweight champion Carlos Condit gives his prediction on a potential match up between Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks on AXS TV's "Inside MMA."

"I'm going to have to go with Georges St. Pierre. Georges St. Pierre - he's just a more polished fighter. Johny Hendricks, he's dangerous and he's got good skills be he is a little rough around the edges when it comes to his whole game, and Georges is just such a technician. He puts things together so well and is just a sharp, clean fighter and I think that's going to make the difference in that match up."

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Never Paid Wolf Ticket Taxes site profile image  

3/31/13 2:56 PM by Never Paid Wolf Ticket Taxes

No, not really. I would say he has a gameplan for every fight.

Herman Munster site profile image  

3/31/13 2:46 PM by Herman Munster

While Diaz and Condit had the length and guard game to be enough trouble on the ground to not be finished, Hendricks doesn't have anything to offer from his back vs GSP.  History has shown us that GSP mows through the shorter, stockier fighter on the ground.  Sherk, BJ, Hughes, Serra, etc.  Hendricks will realize he is not ready for the level of GSP's Bjj or top game.   People don't want to accept or are quick to forget, how good GSP's technical Bjj is with his top game, because its harder to look good with it against the likes of Condit or Diaz.  Hendricks is void in the area in what he brings against GSP from his back. Also note, Johnny "when was the last time you seen me take someone down?" Hendricks, fades with his KO power if he doesn't get the quick, first round KO.  Hendricks was a punching bag vs Condit for the 3rd round, and the odds were not looking good for him with another 2 rounds.  Johnny will be stuck between a rock and hard place on whether to push hard early for the KO, where he will no doubt fade by the time he gets to the deep waters, if he fails to get that early KO, and Hendricks hopefuls, don't think for one second GSP won't be fully prepared for that hard fast push for the early finish.  

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

3/31/13 1:44 PM by MMA Lives Here

Condit has had a gameplan once in his career

inf0 site profile image  

3/31/13 1:38 PM by inf0

Good to see he's as daring with his predictions as he is with his gameplans.  

Osbot site profile image  

3/31/13 12:03 PM by Osbot

You know what they say about a broke ass clock right?Eventually a guy like Silver Spoon will be right because GSP can't win forever. Eventually he will lose. That's when Silver Spoon will remind us of his prediction!

JetSetter site profile image  

3/31/13 11:26 AM by JetSetter

Silver Spoon, are you brain dead? We hear this same shit before every single GSP fight yet he never loses.Put your money where your mouth is an lets bet some big money on it!

The Don Dada site profile image  

3/31/13 11:22 AM by The Don Dada

GSP will stick to his game plan and win.

kelby site profile image  

3/31/13 11:17 AM by kelby

seems like every opponent gsp faces is going to beat him. hendricks don't have a chance against gap. hendricks will get his ass handed to him. plain and simple. you can try to analyze the fight before it happens. gsp always finds a way to win. that is why he has faced all odds. how many times have we said he was gonna get beat. every fighter he faced says its his time. every fighter he faced has had a good track record of winning.

SilverSpoon1996 site profile image  

3/31/13 11:15 AM by SilverSpoon1996

GSP IS SCARED! this is getting so out of hand already. What kind of champion in anything is afraid of even the number one contender. He would rather take his belt to the grave getting destroyed by a bigger badder Condit (Anderson Silva), then fight a semi one trick pony fighter in Hendricks. I LOVE Hendricks.. I think he is the next big thing in the WW division. If he learns some ground and pound and how to use his right hand, the man is a monster at that weight. GSP is running like a bitch after cruising through Diaz, and only really faced any kinda danger verses Condit for maybe 45 seconds after he was kicked in the head and attacked on the ground.Condit is only saying this to see them fight. After losing to both men, he realizes the quickest way to the belt is allowing Hendricks an chance to turn off the lights on GSP, and then getting another chance at Hendrick and defeating him. While Hendricks is more dangerous, his style is much more easily defeated. Most fights dont end with the man on the bottom finishing the fight by KO, Condit isnt a submission specialist or a decorated wrestler. If he is going to win a fight its going to be with a majority of the time standing. Hendricks while a good wrestler would much rather end the night with the big, Mack truck, left then grind out his opponent for 15-25 mins. Lets be honest if I was GSP, I might let him take me down and try to sweep him cause he showed no talent with his ground game, nor could keep Condit from advancing positions. Why waste his energy taking him down and squirming to get into position when full mount, side, and back are easily taken from the bottom by sweep. Plus its much harder to throw a left hook laying on someone. If Hendricks gets half the care taking and has half the brain GSP has, hes the next name were going to be running to see for the next 5 years in the WW division. Either way if GSP runs to get destroyed by Silva, Hendricks gets a shot at the vacant title vs Condit or Rory.. He should be favorite verses both men.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

3/31/13 4:50 AM by MMALOGIC

^ he is fighting better opponents... no argument there. Here's another problem i cant get over... hendricks has five rounds (25 minutes) to knock GSP out... whereas GSP has to not only survive 5 rounds (25 minutes) but also win at least 3 of those rounds against a division 1 champion wrestler who hits like a mack truck.  GSP's inability to finish will be his downfall against a guy like Hendricks. Now GSP didnt have a problem with Koscheck, but he had a to break his orbital in the first... Hendricks is a bit of a different animal.  Johnny can change the fight with one punch.   GSP is gonna have to at least hurt Hendricks GSP should be the favorite but I think his time has come and Hendricks is the worst type of opponent for him at this time.