Felice Herrig apologizes for after-time shot, wants women on main card


Felice Herrig fought Heather Clark at Bellator 94 this weekend, following months of trash talk.

At the weigh in, Herrig, dressed as Super Girl, shoved her heels-wearing opponent, with predictable results.

The bad blood continued at the close of the fight.

As the bell rang, Herrig stood and celebrated in Clark face, who responded by taking one last swipe. Herrig responded in kind, before referee Jorge Ortiz restored order.

Herrig, who is now on a four-fight win streak, came onto The Underground, and offered an apology.


From: FeliceHerrig
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First off I want to apologize to any of my fans that thought what I did was unsportsmanlike. Looking back on it now I probably shouldn't have reacted that way but my emotions got the better of me. Heather has been on a mission for almost 2 years now trying to fight me and has done the typical trashing of me to try and get that attention to do it. My management told her she didnt need to go that route and simply needed to prove she could make 115lbs and we would consider it. Instead she kept up her hypocritical insults and continued to fight at 125lbs.

I'm just tired of all these bigger girls saying they would kick my ass... yeh I'm sure there are plenty of bigger girls that could... so what, and?? I'm focused on me and my division. As soon as we saw Heather make weight and fight at 115lbs we made this fight happen. It was still a big challenge for me because I knew she was bigger, stronger and a well rounded fighter, but I backed my words and fought her because she proved she could make the weight. Heather is a very tough fighter and I wish the drama leading up to it was not as heated as it became but I assure you it was not brought on be me at all. I never attack anyone who hasn't attacked me first.

I wish Heather a speedy recovery and I'm not upset that she took a swing at me after the bell... I probably would have done the same. Actually I know I would have done the same! At the end of the day I think our fight generated a lot of attention for WMMA and Bellator so maybe next time Bellator will see the value of putting women on their main cards!

Thanks for all you support,

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4/5/13 8:11 AM by shootfightermike


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4/5/13 4:01 AM by higherprimate718

hey felice!fuck everyone who is giving you a hard time. Emotions run high in a fight, You know why? ITS A FIGHTyou are trying to smash each others faces and someone its a big deal if you make a face and yell at each other? give me a fucking break. WAR FELICEalso HOLLA

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4/5/13 3:11 AM by leethal21

As long as they are quacking you are doing it right.Just make sure they all spell your name right.Good press bad press so what. Look at tito.....lol.Another media master

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4/1/13 5:40 PM by Jack Skellington

I LOL'ed plus I have a serious braid fetish so ....... *cough* j/k

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4/1/13 5:29 PM by Chulio

She thinks things like this will increase interest in MMAShe said she probably should not have reacted that way.I never like apologies with disclaimers.

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4/1/13 4:56 PM by Nonlinear

This thread is suffering from a severe lack of sammiches.  For ever paragraph penned by a female a potentially delicious sammich goes unmade.

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4/1/13 4:10 PM by Blazing Knees

She's not coming back boys, you can go back to fapping to your anime wall posters now.

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4/1/13 4:06 PM by pampered_fighter

Worth a try...I got voted down for my response..that counts for something right...Felice....you there?

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4/1/13 3:41 PM by TheJudge

Classless move at the end of the fight but understandable. She got dominated in the 1st round and finally got something going in the 3rd. I do appreciate the apology but don't really care. Herrig is a fine marketer and Rousey did the same shit so you guys talking about class tend to forget that Rousey released youtube vids with sex tape in the title just for publicity. Use it if you got it.

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4/1/13 3:33 PM by Jay Haas

It's a fight... Shit happens emotions are part of it!