Ellenberger: GSP should fight Silva and retire, before he loses


"A lot of people like to talk negatively about GSP, but to be able to do what he does against the top guys, consistently, it's extremely hard. For him it's like, he's in a position where he can only lose, it can only get worse. If I was him, I would look to fight Anderson Silva then retire.

You beat the top guys [but] eventually you're gonna lose, eventually someone is gonna beat you. That's just gonna happen. He may not be finishing fights, but he's consistent. The hardest thing to do in this sport is be consistent."

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Rawlow1200 site profile image  

4/2/13 10:48 AM by Rawlow1200

I agree, I dont think he will be able to take either of them down and won't be able to stand with them.

YourJesus site profile image  

4/2/13 3:01 AM by YourJesus

Ellenberger is an easy fight for GSP. What happened in the 3rd rd of the Diego/Ellenberger fight is what would happen for 5 rds against GSP.The only compelling fights for GSP at WW are Hendricks and Maia(brings strength, size, and technique not seen in WW division).And GSP is not going to MW. One of the main advantages he has over other WWs is his strength, and that would be neutralized if he went up in weight. If he ever fights Anderson(which I highly doubt), it will be his last fight.

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much site profile image  

4/2/13 2:01 AM by If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much

My guess is GSP beats Hendricks and asks for Silva (If Silva beats Weidman and Rory wins his next fight).This allows GSP to move to 185 and lets Rory fight for the title at 170lb. If GSP loses, I can see him retiring or maybe take a big fight against Sonnen. If he wins, I can see him staying at MW for awhile.

whoabro site profile image  

4/1/13 11:32 PM by whoabro


adame09 site profile image  

4/1/13 11:14 PM by adame09

GSP will lose to Hendricks and/or Ellenberger. Don't see him beating either

mathew10lb site profile image  

4/1/13 9:09 PM by mathew10lb

well said jake. if i were gsp i would honestly give that alot of thought. not so bad losing to anderson than losing to hendricks. and u come out with butt load of money.

Jaybrone site profile image  

4/1/13 9:04 PM by Jaybrone


orcus site profile image  

4/1/13 8:54 PM by orcus

He's right. GSP has more than enough money to retire on. It's inevitable he'll lose at 170 eventually and that would be a disappointing way to go out after all he's accomplished. Fight Anderson and retire win or lose, and he's still going out having beaten every man he ever fought at 170.

Affliction Blackbelt site profile image  

4/1/13 8:39 PM by Affliction Blackbelt

I want GSP to take two more fights at welterweight and then retire. Forget Silva, he should be fighting Jones. Take your welterweight crown and retire on top (assuming he wins both fights).But going out on Silva might make more sense for GSP money/career wise.

Chiron site profile image  

4/1/13 2:49 PM by Chiron

Sorry Jake, but the hardest thing to do isn't to be consistent. It's to consistently finish like Anderson does.