Pearson: Couture 'not on my level'

by Mike Chiappetta |

Ross Pearson is scheduled to fight Ryan Couture at this Saturday's UFC on Fuel TV 9 in Stockholm, Sweden. The british lightweight veteran recently spoke to MMAFighting and discussed why he felt a victory was certain:

"I definitely feel he's going to come in prepared, I definitely think it's going to be the best Ryan Couture we've seen, but no, I don't think he’s on my level," he said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "I don't think he’s fought the level of competition I've fought. I don't think he's been fighting UFC-caliber guys forever, really, so no, I don't think he’s on my level. If things go to plan he won't last very long in there with me.

"I'm not taking him lightly," he continued. "I'm not overlooking anything. I'm preparing for a tough fight. I know Ryan's durable. I know Ryan can take a shot, and I know Ryan's game. So he brings some threats to the table. I just got to be on my A-game, sharp, strong. Knowing how powerful I hit and how fit and strong I am and letting him know how much I want to fight. I've got to own this fight and I've got to perform well, show him what the UFC is all about."

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deadlysyn site profile image  

4/2/13 6:32 PM by deadlysyn

Ryan can totally take Ross on the ground and standing don't count him out. If he keeps distance he can work Ross standing

Johnny Ringo site profile image  

4/2/13 6:13 PM by Johnny Ringo

What both these guys said.

Chaelismyhero site profile image  

4/2/13 6:02 PM by Chaelismyhero

Driving drunk is one big ass mistake. He could of killed people. G-Sot is sort of a jerk,but being a jerk to somebody never killed them.

buckshot44 site profile image  

4/2/13 5:53 PM by buckshot44

He's Captain 'murica's son, what can possibly go wrong?

Pancake Syrup site profile image  

4/2/13 5:08 PM by Pancake Syrup

....the hell lol?

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

4/2/13 5:01 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Ryan will poke Pearson in the chest. He will collapse and the fight will have to be stopped and awarded as a KO win to Ryan Couture. Pearson will grab the mic and call in a few guys. Followed by Bellator music blasting.Randy hits the cage, Ross stares him down before ripping off his sponsor shirt to expose a Bellator t-shirt. Ross says, "We're taking over" and Randy adds "It's gonna get extreme." followed by Ryan who says, "Yeah. Xtreme Couture!"They all leave to fans tossing trash.

ssj site profile image  

4/2/13 2:58 PM by ssj


Forest Whitakers Lazy Eye site profile image  

4/2/13 11:46 AM by Forest Whitakers Lazy Eye

GSots felt the same way you did about this, so he sucker punched Ross's teammate....That'll teach him! Classy

Pancake Syrup site profile image  

4/2/13 11:32 AM by Pancake Syrup

Dear god how dare someone make a mistake grrr

chaplinshouse site profile image  

4/2/13 11:23 AM by chaplinshouse

Pearson is right.  This is a tough matchup for Ryan.  Maybe Dana is sticking it to Randy