Aoki: I want to kill my opponent


Japanese superstar Shinya Aoki is scheduled to fight Kotetsu Boku at this Friday's One FC in Singapore. Boku holds a devasting win over Aoki's teammate at Evolve, so he will be looking to get revenge, but won't let his emotions get the best of him in the cage:

"I'm very scared, always, before the fight," Aoki admits. "But once I step into the cage or the ring, I feel nothing. Empty. No anger. Nothing.

"I want to kill my opponent. I know that my opponent is going to have that exact same mentality, want to kill me. That's why I have a lot of fear before the fight. But once I step into the cage, once I step into the ring, all those feelings of fear or anger just dissipate and I feel nothing."

It's a jarring statement to hear, but one not altogether surprising considering the source.

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Jack88 site profile image  

4/5/13 7:58 AM by Jack88

To the death Georges...

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

4/5/13 7:54 AM by Nexuscrawlers

I'd love to see aoki vs Marcin Held

ToneB site profile image  

4/5/13 7:09 AM by ToneB

aoki should have retired after his last embarrassment stateside

ssj site profile image  

4/4/13 10:16 PM by ssj

Always a fan

Vader03 site profile image  

4/4/13 9:03 PM by Vader03

I hear you. I just dont like hearing that. Doesnt help the sport. I also think aoki gets worked if he fights in the ufc. Hes not really that good. Yes jj is fantastic but its all he has

shrekk site profile image  

4/4/13 7:11 PM by shrekk

It's better than hearing a guy (falsely) claiming he doesn't take joy from hurting men while his job is fighting, everyone it's a bit sadistic deep inside but some people aren't phonies and are open to admit it.

Argo site profile image  

4/4/13 6:15 PM by Argo

These guys better watch what they state publicly.Hypothetical scenario. He fights a dude and the dude goes down. He goes for extra punches and takes a few after the ref tries to stop him. Other dude dies. Legally his words are then used to establish premeditation. (Jury hears the words and then see the end of the fight and the guy is 20-life easy)

Kings21 site profile image  

4/4/13 6:07 PM by Kings21

Hadnt seen that. Funny as hell.

Pitbull8200 site profile image  

4/4/13 5:14 PM by Pitbull8200

Too Boku!!!From full metal jacket lol

NomoRomophobia site profile image  

4/4/13 5:09 PM by NomoRomophobia

Kill them, and then flip them off!