Diaz camp request additional info. about UFC 158 drug testing


Ealier today the commission that oversees mixed martia arts in Montreal released that six athletes were tested for drugs of abuse and performancing enhancing drugs at UFC 158. The names of the athletes tested remained confidential, but a representative for the Diaz camp revelead that his fighter was tested and what they plan to do now:

Jonathan Tweedale, a representative of Nick Diaz’s camp, however, revealed to MMAWeekly.com that Diaz was one of the six.

Not only did Tweedale confirm that Diaz was tested and produced negative results, but added that Diaz’s camp is requesting further information from the Quebec commission.

Mr. Diaz’s sample tested negative. We have now requested from the Quebec Commission (the Regie):

1) A copy of the Regie’s request to the laboratory specifying which substances the lab was asked to test the sample for (if any), and

2) A copy of any documents received from the lab conducting the drug testing showing the precise test results for Mr. Diaz for all substances the sample was actually tested for.

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MattyECB site profile image  

4/6/13 4:01 PM by MattyECB

Ya, except there is zero reason to suspect GSP of doping over Diaz or anyone else. For all we know Diaz could be blood doping which is completely untested and this is the reason he's always been such an amazing cardio machine... I mean he loves cycling after all lol But you'd be a retard to say that just like you'd be a retard to accuse GSP. Accuse everyone or accuse no one. And as far as track record and public comments go, GSP has stated numerous times he'd be happy with olympic and blood testing or increased random testng, and he's never once popped hot or had suspect pull outs. And to all the ppl saying this shit is shady, this is fucking par the course for most ACs the UFC deals with. How long have you guys been watching the damn sport? lol

The Shockmaster site profile image  

4/5/13 8:36 PM by The Shockmaster

This guy needs to stay retired and just go away.

MMAtador site profile image  

4/5/13 8:32 PM by MMAtador

Nick and his camp appealed his marijuana use also nothing fishy they just all stoned and paranoid

Jambo888 site profile image  

4/5/13 8:24 PM by Jambo888

about time all this stuff - testing, weigh in, reporting, etc - was standardized across all AC's. it's not rocket science.

frontdesk mma site profile image  

4/5/13 4:15 PM by frontdesk mma

Most do testing randomly...I do know that New Jersey AC tests all fighters on a card though

MattyECB site profile image  

4/5/13 3:58 PM by MattyECB

I thought he was just being bitchy to fuck with the comission, but that's a really good point. Only reasonable explanation I can think of besides petulance, and really, I'd imagine even Diaz might be getting his full of fucking with and taking on the comission

MattyECB site profile image  

4/5/13 3:58 PM by MattyECB

getting his fill of / full of... I'm retarded :S

JerodR site profile image  

4/5/13 3:18 PM by JerodR

Maybe they just want to see if the time frame that Nick stopped smoking weed was good enough for future tests...

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

4/5/13 3:07 PM by Nexuscrawlers

Exactly. That was what I first though when I read it.

Chulio site profile image  

4/5/13 2:40 PM by Chulio

Agreed, they want to see the exact numbers to know how well the masking is working