White: Pre-event $#!* talkers 'drive me crazy'


It was a message that White wasted no time delivering at the UFC on Fuel TV 9 post-fight press conference (watch it here), which took place inside Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

"The media didn't really do it to us this time, but some of the fans did," White said. "It drives me crazy when people start talking shit about a card that hasn't even happened yet. You know, people start saying, 'this card sucks' and this and that because one guy fell off a card. This was a card full of talented people, while there were talks of canceling the card and stupid shit like that."

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Recent Comments »

ToneB site profile image  

4/9/13 11:38 AM by ToneB

dana should be suspended for makin derogatory remarks about shit-talkers

FTS site profile image  

4/9/13 10:42 AM by FTS

One of the worst cards in the history of the UFC..don't talk shit to the fans Dana, provide better cards!

Dead Again site profile image  

4/8/13 9:42 AM by Dead Again

Yep, you're a different type of fan than me and Glovegate. We both think cards are crap unless they've got some star power on them. Some people just enjoy fights, me and Glovegate just want to see names on paper.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

4/8/13 8:17 AM by KingofBJJ

LOL! Dana White is nearly at the bottom of the list of the Most Power People in Sports, with the US President one step ahead of him.Amazing that he has everyone, 14-32, thinking he is a major figure in sports.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

4/8/13 7:55 AM by CLINTK9

right now?its been that way for awhile.When we wanted UFC vs Pride fights, we got Jardine, Joe Daddy & Matt Hamill MAIN EVENTING a crap load of UFC Events!TUF & Watered down cards have somewhat ruined MMA for me. and I dont care if they're free fights. I can watch free fights with guys I dont know on youtube all day. or go to a shit load of local shows to see guys I dont know put up some great fights.

Flannerz site profile image  

4/8/13 7:47 AM by Flannerz

I thought it was a decent card. The Pickett fight was exciting and both fighters left it all in there. We saw a few finishes, but the main event was poor

Dawkins site profile image  

4/8/13 7:02 AM by Dawkins

Different type of fan then we are, we would disagree on everything haha.I don't just wait for a fighter to be a main eventer before I become a fan of them.

Dead Again site profile image  

4/8/13 6:24 AM by Dead Again

I've heard of Eddie Alvarez, he's fighting tooth and nail to make it to the big show. I think that's their biggest star. I see the TUF competitors as being on the level of the Bellator roster. I just don't have the time to watch the minor leagues when there is so much pro- MMA around. The prelim guys on the Sweden card have more star power than the guys main eventing Bellator and their matches are more relevant because they are so much closer to main eventing in the big show than guys under contract in Bellator. So pretty much you're saying I'm missing out by not watching bad cards  "with pretty much no name value" that are "extremely weak", yet criticize the UFC when their cards have more star power and are more relevant. No man, I'm not gonna start watching Bellator, for the exact same reasons you threw out about the Sweden card. Just like you, I'm all about watching only the big names, the stars, and I'm not gonna waste my time watching a promotion without any of that. At least we can agree on that.

Glovegate site profile image  

4/8/13 2:31 AM by Glovegate

Actually they do have some decent stars.  You should watch it, you're missing out.   Problem with UFC right now is all these TUF guys they're having flood the roster.  TUF unfortunately does not usually find decent talent.  There really hasn't been much of anything long term out of the show since season 5.

SimonSu site profile image  

4/8/13 1:58 AM by SimonSu

So you're saying people should root for the UFC? Turning up for team events are very different y'know. Here's a better example: It's kind of like buying tickets for a UFC with a main and co-main, and finding out that the co-main was a load a bulls**t to sell tickets and the main was cancelled. You're bummed because you've paid for a UFC card with some actual names on it and not just "good fights" that you can watch at your local events, and it will stop you from going to the event... especially when the bum who sold you the tickets calls you out on cheering and making the best of his farce.