Colin 'Freakshow' Fletcher cut by UFC


Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher has been released by the UFC following a unanimous decision loss to Mike Ricci at UFC 158, which followed a unanimous decision loss to Norman Parke at the TUF Smashes Finale.

"fFreakshow' discussed the cut via social networks.

Colin Fletcher@dr_freakshow
Is it just me or does cut after 1 official UFC fight seam a little harsh I know I didn't perform my best ! Neva mind

Damien Brown ‏@Beatdown_Brown
kind of didn't perform two fights in a row mate do its gotta be expected

Colin Fletcher ‏@dr_freakshow
wasn't unexpected just thought I wasn't the most boring of the guys who lose n don't get cut !

Alan ‏@AJK_Dublin
No way, seriously? Was really looking forward to seeing you again but admittedly was disappointed with last two fights.

Colin Fletcher ‏@dr_freakshow
me to :-/

Hallejulah!!! Thank f--- youve dissed them ufc wankers!!! now you can fight proper again.Go Dr F :)

 Colin Fletcher ‏@dr_freakshow
very true at least I can let the crazy out again :-)

'Freakshow' expanded on the remarks via Facebook.

Is it just me or does cut after 1 official UFC fight seam a little harsh I know I didn't perform my best but it wasn't a boring fight

And was against a guy who trains out of tristar with rory McDonald n gsp

I took the fight on 6 weeks notice in his home town and got their 4 days b4 the fight basically trained with a hand full of local guys and ppl I teach

I thought I'd done ok in tuf smashes I only really struggled with Norman who I had became really close with and may have looked an arse in that fight also but I was told that showed I had a heart and was a good guy

And at the end of the day tuf is a competition and I was a finalist I know of a few semi finalists who get kod or subed and go on to be given multiple chances

I know I could beat 75% ov UFC fighters given the chance

And I will get the chance again ill do whatever I have to to be back where I belong and have loads of fun doing it cos I'm a fighter and whether its in someone's back garden or the Madison square garden it's all the same

I live 4 this s---!!!!



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Nick Diaz is the KingGoAT site profile image  

4/8/13 10:07 PM by Nick Diaz is the KingGoAT


Drunkenirishfc site profile image  

4/8/13 9:10 PM by Drunkenirishfc

He'll be back he's only 8-3

Officer Farva site profile image  

4/8/13 9:02 PM by Officer Farva

I hate to hear this, but I am honestly not surprised. The UFC wants an image it can market and not look like a character off of Mortal Kombat

Master Shredder site profile image  

4/8/13 6:21 PM by Master Shredder

He lost to Ricci who is not UFC material either so yea not a surprise.

Humphrey site profile image  

4/8/13 5:54 PM by Humphrey

Somnehow he earned the money to pay for the dumbest tattoos on the planet, I'm sure he'll survive.If you're going to play the schtick he did, you better be damned good.He'll always have a job at a spook house somewhere. But he sure didn't fight like he clowned it up on the show

Paul_Blanka_Harris site profile image  

4/8/13 4:07 PM by Paul_Blanka_Harris

he had the whole Creppy clown demo lock down  

fightharder site profile image  

4/8/13 1:41 PM by fightharder

That where the UFC is making mistakes in my eyes.Fletcher had the potential to be a cult character with the teeth and the clown thing. Unfortunately he wasn't that good. I do think it is a litlke harsh considering th circumstances but with the recent climate i guess it was inevitable.

FreakDaddy site profile image  

4/8/13 1:27 PM by FreakDaddy

Don't worry...He will be back one day....

cool hand Ed site profile image  

4/8/13 1:23 PM by cool hand Ed


mmavixen site profile image  

4/8/13 12:41 PM by mmavixen

I'm really upset at this....:(