Hall: I'm not ready for Anderson Silva


During his stint on the Ultimate Fighter Season 17, coach Chael Sonnen was highly impressed with Urijah Hall and praised his abilities, believing that not only would Hall win the show, but could contend with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva soon. Hall, however believes he needs time to grow, but of course would relish the opportunity:

"I was shocked, like 'What? Give me time to build up!' Sometimes as a coach, they will see things in you that you don't see. Since he was my coach at that time, he saw that potential. Somewhere down the line, maybe it will happen, but it's not something I'm pushing.

I feel, personally, this guy is a walking legend and if I ever get the opportunity one day, that'd be great. I'm not looking towards that, I'd rather earn my way up there, like the rest of the guys."

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Kostakio site profile image  

4/14/13 12:04 PM by Kostakio


Kostakio site profile image  

4/14/13 12:01 PM by Kostakio


FunDeath4u site profile image  

4/14/13 11:29 AM by FunDeath4u

No shit you aren't ready for Silva. You aren't ready for anybody in the UFC apparently.

GarlicSauce site profile image  

4/13/13 9:31 AM by GarlicSauce

"Hall: I'm not ready for Anderson Silva"You don't say?

StutheJu site profile image  

4/13/13 9:30 AM by StutheJu

Yeah but he also managed to keep a straight face when he said that he witnessed one of the Nogueira brothers attempt to feed a carrot to a bus.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

4/13/13 9:10 AM by ABE FROMAN

Yea, he called Anderson a 'puke'. Dude is still disturbed by being finished twice. Let it go, Chael.

klabo site profile image  

4/13/13 9:01 AM by klabo

Yes, you're wrong.

Willy the Coyote site profile image  

4/13/13 8:49 AM by Willy the Coyote

I don't think Chael said that to boost Hall's confidence. He said it to promote the show and finale. That's why he was on there in the first place.

I_Bungalo_Baboo_Babies site profile image  

4/13/13 8:30 AM by I_Bungalo_Baboo_Babies

Man Hall is tough to not like

ZombiedKoreanTurnipHead site profile image  

4/13/13 8:28 AM by ZombiedKoreanTurnipHead

Did you watch the episode?.He sounded legit.