Boxing champ Berto wants to be a UFC champion

by Chris Palmquist |

Although both combat sports, boxing and mixed martial arts have mostly remained segrated. Athletes have mostly stayed in their own sport and their seems to be a different fan base for each. Boxing is somewhat considered your father's sport and MMA is for the new generation. UFC President Dana White considers himself a fan of both and has often praised some of boxing's brightest stars.

No MMA athlete has truly crossed over to a sucessful boxing career and no boxer has really tried to make a real run at MMA. In 2010 heavyweight James Toney did a one fight stint in the UFC, losing to hall of famer Randy Couture in the first round after being taken down easily.

Recently another boxing champion has brought up the idea of crossing over, going as far as talking to White about a possible career in the UFC. He recently spoke to Erik Fontanzez of Yahoo Sports about the possibility:

Two-time welterweight boxing champion Andre Berto discussed potentially fighting in the UFC with the organization's president, Dana White, a company official confirmed on Friday.

The fighter said in a recent interview that he ran into White a few weeks ago in Los Angeles, and the two had a conversation about the boxer transitioning over to the Las Vegas-based MMA promotion.

"I talked to Dana White about this ... the last time I [saw] him," Berto said in a recent video. "Don't be surprised if I try to get in that thing and win a title. I'll be the first fighter to win a boxing championship and a UFC mixed martial arts world championship."

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MattyECB site profile image  

4/15/13 10:33 AM by MattyECB

I think people forget how successfully some kickboxers transferred over in the past. Now I'm sure Berto has no real interest in crossing over, but I still await the day eagerly a young boxer actually sees enough cash in the UFC to cross over.

DukeSilver site profile image  

4/14/13 6:19 PM by DukeSilver

His dad, (former mma fighter) owns an MMA gym in Winter Haven Fl, where his professional MMA fighter brother and sister both train out of....I believe he could do it.

sgotwalks site profile image  

4/14/13 5:41 PM by sgotwalks

You sound foolish. Try applying a little context.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

4/14/13 8:49 AM by KingofBJJ

Sure if he didn't train, which Toney didn't. The issue with Toney was that he wanted to prove boxing was superior any MMA's boxing game.He came into the fight thinking Randy would box with him, like Sylva did with Ray Mercer.Toney actually won his case since Randy opted to do anything but box with him.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

4/14/13 8:44 AM by KingofBJJ

Is the Underground Blog serious?"No MMA athlete has truly crossed over to a sucessful boxing career"Seriously? Uhm Kimbo slice. He is undefeated now that he has went to boxing."and no boxer has really tried to make a real run at MMA."Not one, really? Ever hear of former HW champion Ray Mercer?The UG needs to do some research in the future.

germ site profile image  

4/13/13 9:03 PM by germ

^ThisFather and brother have been involved with mma for a while down here in FL.

SmileyNY1985 site profile image  

4/13/13 3:51 PM by SmileyNY1985

Sub good read.

sgotwalks site profile image  

4/13/13 3:18 PM by sgotwalks

  Your name is totally fitting of your glass half empty attitude. You are indeed a downer, no fun kinda motherfucker aren't you? It's time to start looking for fun things to do on Saturday night, rather than thinking up reasons why not to do them.  Also, any talk of a top level boxer coming over and getting a free paycheck is ridiculous. What it is, is an insane pay cut that a fighter who truly wants to test himself in the sport of mma is willing to take, in order to do so.  

OGT site profile image  

4/13/13 2:59 PM by OGT

I see submission losses in his future

Decidedly Underwhelmed site profile image  

4/13/13 2:54 PM by Decidedly Underwhelmed

It is a free paycheck for Berto if they throw him in there with some sloppy mma kickboxer who isn't even going to threaten him with takedowns or anything of that nature. He wouldn't even last a round with a moderately well rounded fighter if the mma fighter chooses to fight in the correct manner.I'm simply not interested in seeing any of that. I'll also be thrilled once Spong quits this mma hobby of his and returns to kickboxing full time, though if he gets matched up with Ghita and knocked out he'll likely come right back to mma.