Belcher: Now I know for sure I own Michael Bisping

by Alan Belcher |

Alan Belcher is set to square off against Michael Bisping at UFC 159 in now only a few weeks away. As the event get closer, Belcher's confident has grown, as is evident in his recent guest blog for Yahoo! Sports:

Now I know for sure I own Michael Bisping. I fight MMA’s biggest crap-talker in the co-main event of UFC 159 in New Jersey on April 27, but I know, right now, right here in camp, that I own that guy. 

So, with me, he also knows I can knock his ass out with one shot. And he don’t want to risk getting embarrassed again, talking crap and then getting knocked out and having the fans laughing at him again.

So he’s not talking crap, he’s not shooting off his mouth anywhere like he usually does, he’s not looking to make bold predictions like he normally does. He knows that I can KO him at any point in the fight. Even one shot, at like 60 percent power, landing anywhere above the shoulders, will knock him out. He knows that. He’s going to run around, jab and move like he always does, and he knows 15 minutes is a long time to do that against a guy with all the skills and more “oomph!” on his shots than he does.

I’ve studied this guy. I know his style in the Octagon, and I know his style at the press conference and in interviews. He’s not doing the same stuff in the build-up. He’s already trying to blame his corner ahead of time, saying if he doesn’t win, it's their fault. No, Bisping, it is going to be my fault when you get KO’d again.

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soreshins site profile image  

4/18/13 3:50 AM by soreshins

Alan "clown shoes" Belcher

MPC916 site profile image  

4/18/13 3:47 AM by MPC916

Its on like Donkey Kong Jr

Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

4/17/13 11:50 PM by Outlaw'd by Lytle


Poindexter site profile image  

4/17/13 11:03 PM by Poindexter

Belcher via KO.

superCalo site profile image  

4/17/13 9:35 PM by superCalo


ausgepicht site profile image  

4/17/13 9:29 PM by ausgepicht

It means Mike has accepted the fact that the pinnacle of his career was a win over Brian Stann, he will never be champion or even beat a consensus top ten opponent, and he's happy to be co-main event because it'll be as good as it'll ever get for him?  

inf0 site profile image  

4/17/13 8:44 PM by inf0

Thanks brother...   feelin bluey inside =)    

DoomFarmer site profile image  

4/17/13 8:40 PM by DoomFarmer

Get real, man.Everyone bitches and "cries" when he runs his mouth off but it's why we love his fucking fights, to see if he backs it up or eats shit.You guys really need to let go of the Bisping martyr complex. This shit is old hat . It isn't 2009 anymore.

superCalo site profile image  

4/17/13 8:33 PM by superCalo

What does Bisping mean by this ?     michael ‏@bisping8h @alanbelcherufc how's it feel to be a co main event? Enjoy the moment while it lasts. If you weren't fighting me no one would care about you

FunDeath4u site profile image  

4/17/13 8:16 PM by FunDeath4u

Lol @ the envy of many part. and the rest of it. Men want him, women want to be him... blah blah blah yakity schmackity... Long live the count!