Coach: Pettis could be the next Anderson Silva


At only twenty six years old, Duke Roufus protege Anthony Pettis is already considered one of the best MMA fighters in the world. The flashy and effective strikers already owns some of the best knockouts and highlight reel striking in the UFC.  According to his coach, in an interview with MMAMania, Pettis might soon be considered amongst the elite:

Brian Hemminger ( Who do you think has the best Muay Thai that's applicable to MMA today?

Duke Roufus: Oh for sure it's Anderson Silva. I have huge respect for Anderson Silva. He's the best all around striker in mixed martial arts. For sure he's got a good fluid style and he uses the Thai clinch well. This is going to sound arrogant but I think in a few short years, you're going to see Anthony Pettis looking like Anderson Silva.

Anthony is a huge student. He really digs into my mind. He wants to know my old heroes I studied. He wants to know the new school fighters. I just watched a kickboxing event in Cambodia and there's a 12 hour difference in Thailand and I watch the fights. That's how much of a combat sports nerd I am. I watch Glory this past weekend, Lion Fights, everything. With the internet I can watch this stuff right away compared to before when I had to trade tapes with my buddies around the world. I can stay on top of all the information and media.

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DinoSmash site profile image  

4/17/13 2:07 PM by DinoSmash

Not sure if he will ever be a skilled as Silva, mainly because Anderson's seems so impossible to reach. I think what makes Pettis awesome is his style. He's a good match up for most. Great stand up and great guard. Take down defense could use some work, but the guy is a talent.

ortman166 site profile image  

4/17/13 1:28 PM by ortman166

I don't think he gets past Aldo, but that's because Aldo is a beast. Pettis is good no doubt

CRMartin11 site profile image  

4/17/13 1:03 PM by CRMartin11

The biggest differences between Anderson and Anthony are their defensive striking abilities. Anderson's ability to cover distance, head movement, and precision timing are unmatched by any fighter. I don't see Pettis having the footwork, angles or all around movement that Anderson has. The only fighter I see in the UFC today who resembles Anderson's defensive abilties is Connor McGregor. Not to say Anthony could not be the next Anderson Silva, but they have a lot of differences still. Pettis needs to focus mostly on developing his defensive skills to have a more similiar style / level of ability equal to Anderson Silva. Someone else mentioned Anderson's Thai Clinch, we haven't seen Pettis's thai clinch, but presumably he will have to develop that skill. Anderson's thai clinch abilities are legendary. Pettis' kicks are very most reminisicent of Anderson Silva. His kicks are near perfection. Anderson has much better hands IMO. The guy was almost became a pro boxer so he knows how to throw and take a punch...I love watching his sparring videos with Big Nog. All in all, I think Pettis is one of the most promising young fighters today. What an incredible mixture of great genetics, intelligence, skill and discipline. I look forward to his fight against Aldo, very much!

Jack Carter site profile image  

4/17/13 12:43 PM by Jack Carter

Lets keep bringing up his one kickMeanwhile he lost to GuidaLets see if he can do even half of what Anderson has done before making such claims

DJmixmasterMobbie site profile image  

4/17/13 12:06 PM by DJmixmasterMobbie

now we have an expectation of Pettis to perform like Anderson which we all know is a snow balls chance in hell. The spider isn't just great because of his skills, he's great because of his mentality. Can't limit his greatness to just his skills imo. No one shows up on fight day like him.

Tharian site profile image  

4/17/13 11:56 AM by Tharian

The only thing Pettis is next is the victim of Aldo and the Brazilian crowd yelling "Vai morrer!". There will be no other Anderson Silva. Period.

Big Pookie site profile image  

4/17/13 7:59 AM by Big Pookie

If there's one fighter you want to be like, its Anderson. Fuck all the haters! Pettis has set his goals high and I for one hopes that he achieves them. He's one of the most exciting fighters to watch.

LiftStrong site profile image  

4/17/13 7:46 AM by LiftStrong

I think Pettis is very Anderson'esque. His movement, setting up angles and his ability to capitalize on small openings and land devastating blows are second only to Andy (imo). Anything can happen but he is certainly on the right track.

flipmode site profile image  

4/17/13 7:40 AM by flipmode


hendofanforlife site profile image  

4/17/13 6:03 AM by hendofanforlife

Pettis has the most amazing kick in combat sports ever. Props to him.