Jon Jones: Talking trash does nothing for the fight


On tonight's episode of UFC Tonight on Fuel TV, UFC lightheavyweight champion Jon Jones spoke out about his feelings coming into the fight and why he has refrained from playing into Sonnen's pre-fight trash talk campaign:

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones’ response to Chael Sonnen’s comments on Twitter and UFC TONIGHT: “I don’t really have too much of a response. Chael’s doing what he does best. He’s promoting a fight and I’m going to let him do it.”

Jones on why he’s not trash talking before UFC 159: “I realize through experience that talking trash does nothing for the fight.”

Jones on what he’s most concerned about against Sonnen: “I’m really not concerned with too many of Chael’s gifts. Chael is an awesome fighter, he has pretty good boxing, he loves wrestling and he’s been really successful with his wrestling. He has really good ground-and-pound. I’ve just familiarized myself with the whole thing and I’m really comfortable with what I’m getting ready to face. I wouldn’t say any of it really concerns me. I’m just ready to go out there, react, be instinctual, do my best and try to do what I do.”

Jones on if he has something to say to Sonnen: “I’d tell him to bring it. Bring your best. I hope you’re having a great camp and I hope you’re healthy and I’m excited for this awesome challenge.”


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EdTheGreat site profile image  

4/18/13 7:39 AM by EdTheGreat

You know what does nothing for the fight, saying absolutely nothing at all

sevr1 site profile image  

4/17/13 8:29 PM by sevr1

Agreed. Get him out of there!

FunDeath4u site profile image  

4/17/13 5:31 PM by FunDeath4u

Bones made Chael look stupid by not saying much. Chael is like a joke speaking next to a martial artist.

FunDeath4u site profile image  

4/17/13 5:29 PM by FunDeath4u

All this has made me a JBJ fan!

Wittsy site profile image  

4/17/13 5:26 PM by Wittsy

Cruz does alright answering questions, but somebody needs to save him from asking questions in interviews.

6ULDV8 site profile image  

4/17/13 4:53 PM by 6ULDV8

I really don't understand why two guys at the top of the game can't like and respect each other and put on a great fight.   It's work.  You should love what you do and work hard.   After work, have a beer and appreciate the shitkicking you put on each other.   No reason for manufactured hate.

Chulio site profile image  

4/17/13 3:36 PM by Chulio

I accept what Jones says, but that is just me.I have never bought a PPV based on the hype. I deliberately did not buy one because of hype, because I thought Chael did not deserve to be next in line. After seeing Chael on TUF I like the guy and understand he does it for his career but that does not mean the guys faking the dislike are going to sway my purchase.I will say I don't watch all the PPV's because I have to choose how I spend my money. I almost enjoy the banter on the UG after the fight

Arse Face site profile image  

4/17/13 12:41 PM by Arse Face

Trash talking will get him more PPV buys

GloverRampagedMyBrownEye site profile image  

4/17/13 12:10 PM by GloverRampagedMyBrownEye

This.F-JBJ I can't stand him

mysticdragonblackbelt site profile image  

4/17/13 12:07 PM by mysticdragonblackbelt

IMO if the best training partner to simulate Jones that Chael could find was Luc from TUF, he's in for a long night. (Not trying to bash Luc and not implying it's easy to find a fighter to simulate Jones.)